My week’s food & weight loss diary

Here is my food diary over my first week of dieting. I have interspersed it with photographs of some of the food I have eaten

Over the last few years, my weight has steadily gone up, a pound here and a pound there until I am now a stone heavier than I was 3 years ago.

In my life, I have never been smaller than a size 14 and over recent years this seems to have grown through size 16 to size 18. I am quite happy being 16/18 and I don’t mind staying between these two sizes but I worried that I might have grown into the next size, so something had to be done.

Many is the time that I have said that I would start dieting,  “After Christmas” or “After the holidays” and there has been many other put offs too.

We were on holiday in London from Sunday morning 21st August, until Tuesday afternoon 23rd August, when I made the decision that NOW was the time.

I got weighed straight out of the bathroom each morning and this is my food diary for the first week of dieting.  I didn’t get weighed every morning but when I did get weighed, it was lovely to see the scales showing less overall. Some days it went up but I realise a pound here and a pound there doesn’t matter, its the final result that counts

I am under no illusions, I know during the first week of eating less carbohydrates the body needs less fluids to process the food and therefore the initial weight loss is not all fat loss but fluids too. Nevertheless, don’t you just love it when it appears the efforts you are making are working!!

I allowed myself some treats each day and realised I preferred lager to chocolate or cake, so that’s what I had. Chocolate or cake is gone in a few minutes but I manage to make 2 cans of lager last all evening!

On the second week of dieting, I will add more carbohydrate but will mainly leave out fat but for this first week I stuck to mainly protein and vegetables. Each day I had 4 /5 cups of tea or coffee and 2/3 glasses of tap water.

Wednesday 24/08/11 Weight 12st 8¾ lbs

Breakfast            2 boiled eggs

Lunch                  Big pan of veg soup/stew

Dinner                 Veg stew again & 2 Clementines

Evening              2 cans of lager

                                                              Thursday’s food, soup & salad


Thursday 25/08/11  Did not get weighed.

Breakfast            No breakfast

Lunch                 Bowl of vegetable stew followed by a cottage cheese salad.

Dinner                Chicken breast with oven roasted vegetables.

Evening              2 cans of lager

                                            Friday’s salad lunch


Friday 26/08/11 Weight 12st 5¾ lbs   

Breakfast            Banana

Lunch                  Hard boiled egg & almost fat-free cottage cheese salad.  Apple.

Dinner                 Chicken breast with oven roasted vegetables.

Evening              2 cans of lager

Too much time on my hands obviously! This is my salad ‘face’ for Saturday lunch

Pork escalope & vegetables for Saturday evening

Saturday 27/08/11 Weight 12st 4½ lbs 

Breakfast            Banana

Lunch                  Salad with hard boiled egg and almost fat-free cottage cheese

Dinner                Pork escalope with carrots & home grown (by me) runner beans & cabbage

Evening            2 cans of lager

Sunday lunch of bacon, mushroom & stir fry veg

Sunday 28/08/11 Weight 12st 4½lbs 

Breakfast          Banana

Lunch              Bacon, mushrooms & stir fry vegetables. I had ‘seconds’ too.

Afternoon      An apple.  ½pt beer.

Dinner            Roast chicken with vegetables at Helen’ house

Evening          2 cans of lager

Sunday evening meal at Helen’s, chicken dinner with green cauliflower, runner beans, cabbage and carrots. Less gravy than I would have liked but thought it was too naughty to have any more!

Monday 29/08/11 Weight 12st 5¼ lbs

Shock horror!!

My weight has gone up not down. I am not deterred. I realise it is probably how fluids in my body are processing the foods and what is  ¾lb anyway? Neither here nor there!   Ok….. Onward!

Breakfast                   a bowl of strawberries

Lunch                        pork escalope with carrots, runner beans & cabbage

Afternoon                 an apple

Dinner                        lamb curry & boiled rice (at Helen’s & kicking myself that I forgot to photograph it)

Evening                     2 cans of lager

Tuesday 30/08/11 Weight 12st 4lbs

Breakfast            Weetabix and a banana

Lunch                  Half a tin of tuna and salad

Dinner                Shin of Buffalo, boiled potato, cabbage, carrot and green cauliflower (at Helen’s)

Evening            2 cans of lager

Wednesday 31/08/11   Weight 12st 3¼lbs

So my weight loss for the week is  5 ½lbs .

I realise that the first weeks dieting is the most rewarding and usually shows the biggest weight loss but I am so pleased with the results!!

Its just of getting your head into the right frame of mind and then its easy.

The hard bit was remembering I was on a diet. Its so easy when making food for other family members to eat the bit of cheese that’s fallen out of their sandwich or to finish of the last piece of toast Evie didn’t eat.  I just had to say NO!

On to week two……….

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