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My recipes using Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil

19 Oct

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be offered some  Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil to try by Millies Leeds 

(Millies are now including Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil in their Christmas 2013 hampers too )

DSC_2486There was Cold Pressed Yorkshire Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil with Black Pepper and Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil with Chilli

My daughter Helen also tried two different bottles and her recipes will be available soon too.

Oven roasted vegetables with Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil with chilli

I love roasted vegetables and on three different occasions so far I have added a tablespoon of Yorkshire rapeseed oil with chilli and a tablespoon of original rapeseed oil  to the tray of veg before roasting,  which gave a lovely piqant mellow spicyness to the vegetables. If you like more chilli flavour, perhaps 2 tablespoon of the Chilli Oil would be good.

I loved the flavour!

On the different occasions, I used different mixtures of tomatoes, courgettes, carrots, parsnips, leeks, mushrooms, onions,red green and yellow peppers and whatever was in my fridge including cauliflower which I have found I love roasted.

During roasting, I removed the tray from the oven a few times and stirred the veg for an even coating of oil and even cooking.DSC_2632

These are pictures of my trays of veg




I also added half teaspoon of the Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil with Chilli to mashed potato to liven up my leftovers


Crushed butter beans with Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil with chilli and

Crushed butter beans with Cold Pressed Yorkshire Virgin Rapeseed Oil with black pepper

Today I fancied hummous and as I hadn’t any I made my own concoction for lunch.

On finding I didn’t have chick peas in my larder but had a tin of butter beans, I used these instead.

I crushed half of the beans and added a teaspoon of Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil with Chilli and a teaspoon of unflavoured Rapeseed oil  and crushed the other half can of the beans with two teaspoons  of Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil with black pepper. More oil can be added if neccesary to give the required spreading consistency and piquancy. I didn’t have any garlic either which would have been another lovely addition,


DSC_2616  DSC_2623DSC_2625

I found this worked well. It was very tasty and it’s worth you giving it a try.

Roasted Turkey breast with Cold Pressed Yorkshire Virgin Rapeseed Oil with black pepper

Whilst roasting my vegetables tonight, I aso roasted a turkey breast and added a tablespoon of Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil with black pepper before roasting and basted the turkey a few times during the cooking time.  This Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil with black pepper would also be good with steak.

I roasted both the vegetables and the turkey for 40 minutes but check and adjust the time when you are satisfied they are cooked to perfection!



I always roast more vegetables than I can eat for a meal so the leftovers are now in the fridge and I’ll have them for lunch tomorrow.

As it says on the bottle, Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil has a great taste, a high burn point and low food miles (well if you, like me, live in Yorkshire, that is!

DSC_2626I was offered these oils to try at no cost to me and the opinions above are my own.


Clandestine Cake Club at ‘Blend’ Cafe/Bistro in Cleckheaton

11 Oct



On 10th October, 2013, fifteen of us enjoyed nine beautiful cakes at this, the latest meeting of the Spen Valley Clandestine Cake Club which was held at ‘Blend’ Cafe/Bistro in Cleckheaton. Our hosts Chris and Sue made us extremely welcome and everone said they had enjoyed the evening.

Some new members came along and they have already booked a place each for our next meeting which is in Dewsbury on 9th November.

I almost forgot to take pictures of the cakes before we started eating and as you can see some had already been cut into.

Here are the cakes we enjoyed















Getting lined up ready to take the photograph


This was my cake when I had just taken it out of the oven  DSC_2560and after dusting with icing