Will the 5:2 diet work for me?

DSC_1816  Whilst probably not sticking perfectly to 500cals for the fast day of  the 5:2 diet,  the idea of eating low calorie meals for 2 days in the week while eating more or less normally for the other 5 days sounds like a diet worth trying.

Yesterday I got inspiration from reading Karen Burns Booth’s blog ‘Lavender and Lovage which had some great meals and it was an education to me seeing the calorie content of the 5:2 dishes shown. I didn’t follow the recipes to the letter as I lacked crucial ingredients for lots of the dishes but adapted them to include things I had in the house.

All the meals of the day were very tasty and I enjoyed them.


was a one egg omelette with a couple of mushrooms sliced and a handful of cherry tomatoes.


I separated the egg, first beating the white until it was 4 times the volume and thenbeat in the yolk and a tablespoon of cold water with a shake of salt and pepper

I sprayed the non stick frying pan with a light spray of olive oil and browned the mushroom before adding the tomatoes and a lid to the pan to retain the moisture. When these were cooked sufficiently, I removed them from the pan and set aside.

I again lightly sprayed the frying pan and added the fluffy egg mixture. I added the lid to the frying pan which in effect made it like a little oven. When the omelette was almost cooked I added the mushrooms and folded over the omelette, adding the tomatoes back to the pan to reheat.


was home made celery soup.


I chopped an onion and 5 sticks of celery finely, sprayed the frying pan and added all of them for 10 mins, until softened a bit. I then put the softened veg in my pressure cooker with a litre of water and a couple of pinches of salt and a shake of white pepper, brought the pan to pressure for 10 mins and then after reducing the pressure, used a stick blender to pulverise until smooth.

I served this soup with a tablespoon of semi skimmed milk, dripped onto the soup and using the spoon handle, swirled to make an attractive pattern.

Teatime meal

I roasted a tray of veg in the oven for 45 mins. These were just the regular vegetables which I had in my fridge, carrots, parsnip, celery, red and green peppers, mushrooms and  cherry tomatoes. On these I sprinkled half to one level teaspoon of chilli flakes.

I then poured half a tin of plum tomatoes into a pan, chopped slightly and brought to boiling and then added 7  jumbo prawns and warmed through.

I stuffed the red pepper with the tomato/prawn mixture and served with some of the roasted vegetables.

DSC_1821Whilst feeling a bit hungry and fancying snacks during the evening, I resisted the temptation and was looking forward to eating normally for a few days before the 2nd fast day.

Hope I’m not disappointed with the results!

It’s strange that on the morning after the first day’s dieting I feel slimmer already, although I realise that  not having any bread or potatoes (carbohydrates) to process, my body will be retaining less water today.

When I usually start a diet it seems endless. Doing this one day at a time I’m thinking should be easier. Worth a try.

Only time will tell!

One Response to “Will the 5:2 diet work for me?”

  1. Jessica August 9, 2019 at 3:27 am #

    Soup : Soup is a great tool for fast days, as the added water and spices from the broth may help a person feel more satisfied without eating too many calories.

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