My food & weight loss Week 2

Monday 5th September

Start weight for the week  12st 3¼lbs on 30th August

For this my second week of dieting, I have continued eating similar meals to ‘week 1’.

I have had many salads and lots of steamed vegetables served with protein.

Again I made a big pot of stewed veg which lasted me for a couple of meals. There was actually some left but I decided I had had enough of it.

One day I did have half a jacket potato with baked beans for lunch, another day I had a fish finger sandwich in one slice of butter-less toast with a squeeze of lemon juice. This was really tasty.

On Friday, Helen, Evie & I had a day out in York and we had lunch in the Slug & Lettuce overlooking the River. I had chilli & boiled rice with a few tortilla chips and because we were on holiday (and on the train) had a couple of glasses of lager with the meal.

A beautiful curry on Saturday night, made by Helen, was served to me with (3 points Weight Watchers I was informed by H) boiled rice.

Sunday roast (at Helen’s again) was beautiful tender lamb with broccoli and carrots and I did actually have a ‘taste’ of the roast potatoes and some garlic gravy

I am going to a meeting of the Clandestine Cake Club on the 15th September, so on Sunday afternoon I decided to practice the savoury cake I was thinking of making for it. I had a slice before the cake had gone cold (naughty!) but took the most of it to Helen’s for the family to try. (Evie gave it the thumbs up!)

In the end I decided that I will make a different cake for the CCC but that is by the way!

Monday morning, Evie and I, ate a late breakfast in Ikea with a friend and her 18month old grandson. The hash brown was deep fried and probably very high calorie but this meal counted as lunch and apart from a small piece of the savoury cake in the afternoon, had nothing else till my evening meal which was chicken breast with broccoli, carrots and cabbage with a small amount of gravy.

Tuesday 6th September


My luxury each day was having a lager on an evening and on two afternoons when I gave Evie a Cornetto, I had one too!! On a couple of evenings, I had a bag of French Fries (85cal per pack)

I have mentioned the extras I have had this week, so you see I have not been as strict as on week 1.

If I haven’t lost much weight this week I will have to reconsider having these extras when I plan the food for ‘week 3’

Salad I think for lunch today perhaps with a hard boiled egg and tonight it will be leftovers from last night(chicken and vegetables)


In the end I added tinned tomatoes and chilli flakes to the chicken and leftover vetetables and it was really tasty.

 I am hoping when I get weighed in the morning I have lost at least another couple of pounds and then I will have lost over ½ stone. Fingers crossed….

Wednesday 7th September

Weight today         12st 1¾ lb                                    Weight loss this week.    1½lbs

Weight on Wednesday, 30th August  12st 3¼lbs      Total weight loss          7lb

I am very pleased with that!!     Half a stone off is a landmark!

Now on to ‘week 3’

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