10 things you didn’t know about me.

I have been asked by a fellow tweep, to write a blog about ten things you didn’t know about me.

At first I struggled to think what to put down but as I got going I think I could write more …..

I would really love to be able to sing. I have never been able to carry a tune and there is only my Grand daughter Evie who says ‘More’ when I sing!

Age 8, I was pulling a three wheeler bike up Allhallogate in Ripon (quite a hill) with my 3yr old brother sitting on it, when my calf got caught between the wheel and the mudguard. The scar remains to this day.

I slept in rollers every night until the invention of heated rollers which I now put in my hair every morning.

Between the ages of 16 and 18 I had a boyfriend who was a talented artist who has gone on to have a brilliant career as an illustrator and cartoonist. I still have some of the artwork he produced at that time.

I have never, ever been able to touch my toes.  My back just won’t bend that way. (My mother could bend and place her palms on the floor. What’s all that about?)

I make wonderful pastry and a mean meat and potato pie. I have made huge Desperate Dan pies for various functions.

I hate cleaning but I quite enjoy ironing. I can sit and look at dust and it doesn’t worry me!

My husband ‘s cousin was a famous rock star and over the years we have had free tickets for gigs and gone backstage after the show.

As a little girl, I loved reading so much that I would read under the covers with a torch when the light was switched off.

When I was 18, I was a member of the Grewelthorpe Drama Group and I was in a play called ‘For Pete’s Sake’ in Masham Town Hall and I still have the programme somewhere.

When I die, I would like my ashes scattering over the bridge, into  the river Skell at Fishergreen  Ripon.  I grew up in Ripon and feel a glow around me when I visit the City.

I think there are 11 facts here.  Oh well.  The 12th fact about me is…. I like to be different!

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