Jack of all trades!

What do they say, “Jack of all trades, master of none!”

I suppose that’s me.

I can cook but I wouldn’t make it on Masterchef.

I can bake but the Great British Bake off wouldn’t want me.

I can sew and put in a zip but the Great British Sewing Bee would be my downfall.

I can knit.

I can crochet.

I can change a fuse in a plug.

I can use a lawn mower and cut the grass.

I can jet wash the patio with the Karcher.

I can hammer a nail into wood.

I can wallpaper a room.

I can use an electric drill. ( I put venetian blinds up in the kitchen, bathroom and the small window at the top of the stairs) Don’t look close though!

I have mastered the laptop in a fashion, I can write a blog on WordPress!  I can put data onto a disc.

I can in fact do many varied things yet I am master of none.

Where I do excel though (blowing my own trumpet) is:

Being a great Mum.

I know my children will agree. I help them however and where ever I can and will always be there for them.

I always, without exception, put them first

Being a fantastic Grandma.

I can rock a baby to sleep.

I can sing wonderful songs (*cough* Hmn Hmn!)

I can tell great stories.

I give amazing cuddles.

Sleepovers at my house are great fun!

….so that’s ok then.   I can live with that.

Good job my name isn’t Jack…. My name is Sue!

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