Sun Inn, Lightcliffe

This was posted originally on 9th June 2011 and I believe the Sun Inn has now changed hands. I haven’t eaten there since this time so am unable to recommend this new menu etc

My daughter has been recently (July 2013) and eaten the ‘pie’ which is now served in a dish. The meat was tender but had a biscuit like topping instead of the previous chef’s excellent meat filled pastry.


 9th June 2011

Carvery night-

Two carvery meals for the price of one  


                                                                                                                              Vegetarian Option

I had heard of the famous  ‘Pie Night’ at the Sun Inn at Lightliffe , (154 Wakefield Road, Halifax, Calderdale HX3 8TH) where it is two pie meals for the price of one. My daughter Helen (@BakingAitch to those who follow twitter) had eaten there with friends on a Thursday evening and reported back very favourably.

I was going there on a  Wednesday, so rang ahead to see if there was a theme for the night.

It seems it was ‘Carvery night’, and similarly to ‘Pie night’ the meals were two for one. We were advised to book so as to avoid disappointment of not getting a table.

As we arrived, the car park was very busy but there were a few spaces available and we parked easily

We we greeted cheerily as we entered and shown to our table. During the evening the staff  appeared to be happy in their work and very helpful and available and there was a good atmosphere in the place.

There were five in our party. Four of us wanted the Carvery deal, three of the four Dot, Chris and myself  being meat eaters and the other one, Jane,  a vegetarian. The meat options of the night on the Carvery were beef, turkey and ham and the veggie options were vegetarian sausage or cheese flan or something else which I now can’t remember These were served with the Carvery vegetables and vegetarian gravy. The fifth person of the party, Carol, had eaten earlier, so chose a child’s portion of scampi and chips and when this was almost ready, we were told, so we could go to the carvery and then all eat together.

I asked if I could have a slice of each of the meats and my plate was almost covered before I added the veg. There were roast potatoes, new  potatoes, green cabbage, red cabbage, swede, carrots, peas and broccoli with a white sauce and then there were Yorkshire puddings and gravy too. The usual sauces were also there,  apple sauce, mustard, horseradish etc.

The meat was absolutely lovely and so tender.  Jane, our vegetarian, chose the cheese tart and said that was lovely too. We had mixed feelings about the veg. Dot must have dug deep into the dish and said hers were hot and the hottest she had had from a Carvery buffet. Mine on the other hand must have come from the top and although were not cold they were not as hot as I would have liked. I suppose that’s the problem with a buffet, food does sit around a while so it isn’t as if its just appeared from the kitchen. All in all we felt it had been a very good meal.

The Carvery is usually £8.50 per person so to get two for this price was a really good deal and I will certainly go there again, perhaps next time sampling a different theme night. The  Pie night sounds good!

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