Squires Kitchen Leaf Mould review for Popular Crafts magazine

I did this product review for Popular Crafts magazine in January 2012 and now that its been published I can now post the review in full.

Here I am on page 55

The pictures in the magazine are mainly the ones I took at the time. Only the pictures of the fantastic pies are from Squires Kitchen. My pie pictures are included below.

This is my review.

On the packaging of this  apple leaf mould from Squires Kitchen, Great Impressions range, it was suggested they were for sugarcraft, marzipan, chocolate, boiled sugar and cold porcelain. (The moulds are shown in picture a)

picture a

For sugar craft or for moulding marzipan these moulds would be fantastic, as the moulds were pliable and in the main the contents being moulded removed from the moulds with ease.

The chocolates I moulded came out perfectly, although with only having the one mould it was time consuming as after filling with melted chocolate I had to wait for the chocolate to set before removing and I dropped the first one which broke in two pieces (I stuck it together again for the photograph. (see picture b

picture b

I decided to try alternative uses, the first being to mould leaf shapes from bread which I then toasted and made into Melba toasts. (picture c shows moulding bread)

picture c

Of course these melba toasts shrunk after being in the oven and were quite tiny mouthfulls but would be good with a cheese board at a dinner party. (picture d)

picture d

Shortcake biscuits or similar would be good to mould. I used an oatcake recipe and the results were really good. (see picture e)

picture e

I found pastry difficult to remove from the moulds at first but after realising I needed to flour the moulds really well every time, the result was good. (see the unbaked pie in picture f)

picture f

Of course when the pastry had risen in the baking, the impressions were not as clear but I still liked the result. (see picture g)

picture g

I also filled the moulds with papier mâché (paper and water) and after trying paper tissues and kitchen roll found that loo roll stuck together and gave the best finish. (see picture h)

picture h

I used the top of the mould as a stamp (picture i shows the results) and used the finished cutout in card making.  Afterwards the moulds cleaned easily with a baby wipe and then soapy water.

picture i

These moulds are extremely versatile and a great addition to any kitchen or craft room.

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