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Country Baskets…. Festive Face-Off 2014

7 Dec


This Festive Wreath is my entry for the ‘Festive Face Off’  competition from Country Baskets



I was pleased to be one of the bloggers offered the chance by

CB logo



to enter this competition

I was sent the following items from which I had to include at least 4 of the items to produce a Festive decoration.


This is how I did it.

I added my own items of strips of fabric (approx 2cms wide and 12cms in length) and a circular wire florists frame.

I tied on the strips of  turquoise and white fabric to the circular frame with a single knot for each strip, till all the wire frame was almost completely covered, the turquoise colour of the fabric  complemented the colour of the turquoise wire balls I had been sent



JpegI wound the wire around a dowel and cut each circle so as to make jump rings to attach accessories to the rag wreath.

I added the turquoise balls of varying sizes to the bottom of the wreath with the jump rings I had made

JpegI added these silver poinsettia flowers with the attached wire

JpegI cut the string of bells into sections and added bells and some of the glass decoration hearts to the rag wreath using the wire jump rings to attach.

JpegI didn’t use all the items I had been sent but I used at least 4 as stipulated in the competition rules.

I am really pleased with the finished wreath.


What do you think?JpegJpeg









Here is my finished wreath againJpeg

and this is what I did with the leftover items




The perfect gift.

1 Dec

What do you class as the perfect gift?

The perfect gift is something the recipient would have chosen themselves.

Or better still something they never knew they needed but love once they have it in their possession.

JpegI think Izzy liked this present


I always strive not to give useless presents.

When I’m the recipient I don’t want anything to sit on a mantlepiece and gather dust.

I don’t actually like toiletries either (apart from a lovely horse chestnut brand of bubble bath which I ask for as the last one runs out!) I don’t like any other soap but the one I have used for ever, so I am the person who re gifts other varieties. Naughty me!

Imagine my delight when I was contacted by Flamingo Gifts  who asked me to choose some items from their gift catalogue and tell you about them.

Such a great range of things to choose from and I chose quite a few! Its so much easier browsing the gift catalogue online.  Preferable to trawling the shops looking for ideas.

I sent my list of perfect presents to them and was delighted when some of the things I had chosen arrived so I could tell you about them.

My son Richard has been known in the past to wear odd socks  (as a last resort) but this pack of similar but different socks was the perfect gift for him.
JpegHe can dip in and pick two different socks and that is how its meant to be!  I loved them… these are something I would gladly wear. They were very bright and great quality. Jpeg


Over the last year or so Richard has sported a beard and moustache, indeed he grew a great moustache for Movember last year so this mug seemed an ideal stocking filler for him.


Isobel, Richard’s fiancee was the recipient of my next choices.

It was her birthday in November and this is her with the Bee House I chose for her.


Classed as a Bee House but I’m sure other insects will find in a great home which is perfect for Izzy’s garden as hopefully more insects in the garden with attract more birds to her bird feeder. Yesss!


I also chose this wheat bag ‘Socky dolls’ for Izzy to warm in the microwave for cold feet etc or to chill in the freezer to cool you down on a hot day!













…………..Evie took a fancy to this!. Its a wonder Izzy got it back to take home!



I didn’t have to pay for these gifts so this year my family will be getting extra presents. Yippee!

All the above words are my own.


These are recommendations from Flamingo gifts:

With Christmas rapidly approaching , we’ve been putting our hearts and souls into sourcing some of the best gifts around to ensure a collection of presents anyone would be overjoyed to receive. Here at Flamingo we know that everyone is different and that there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all gift. We take real pride in the diversity of our range, which includes lovely things for the girls such as this dazzling Hazel Nichols Make-Up Bag, a gorgeous Blue Enamel Fokelore Design Tea Pot, and our namesake Flamingo Cheesecake Candle. 

We also have tons of ideas for the men in your life – especially those who can be tricky to buy for…
Why not get him to start a new hobby with this Bee Keeping House? The Mr Moustache mug make a great stocking filler – or try a twist on an old classic with these Sock Exchange Odd Socks
Flamingo Gifts is also proud to be home to many popular brands. Some of our favourites include Orla Keilly, Ted Baker and Sass and Belle. With this broad range you’re bound to find something for everyone.”