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Easy to make paper snowflakes

24 Nov

You will need 6 squares of paper of equal size. I used A4 paper and folded the corner over to make a square and cut off the excess

Take the folded piece of paper and make eight cuts from the folded edge to the point leaving 1 to 2cms between the cutting lines.

Open out the paper. Starting at the centre, roll the centre diamond over and secure with strong double sided tape

Completely turn over the paper. Take the next diamond and roll the edges of the paper to form a tube shape and join up again.

Continue turning the paper and joining the diamond, turn over paper and join another, until all diamonds are joined.

These can be hung individually and twirl nicely with the movement of the air.

To make the snowflake, continue till you have made 6. Attach double sided tape to the top and centre points and join together

I used recycled old paper which has bar codes on. Any good quality paper will do.

The finished snowflake

Charley 1929-2012

22 Nov

Charley, Richard, Dorothy, David, Helen and me.

Dominoes, drinks and lots of fun. (1994)


Today was the funeral of Charley.  He and partner Dorothy have been good friends of myself and my late husband David for more than 35 years.

I wrote down some memories on my condolence card and Dot asked me to elaborate on them and read them out at his funeral and celebration of his life

These are my recollections.

His great singing voice

Monologues. From ‘The Lion and Albert’ to ‘Three ha’pence a foot’, no family gathering was ever complete without a rendition from Charley…and wasn’t he good at it?

Dominoes. I played so many games of dominoes with David, Dot and Charley over the years, in our homes, over a drink, in the caravan, and the dominoes even went with us to Spain. We played penny a spot, where we paid the winner a penny for each domino spot left in our hands. When we played in Spain, I marked winnings and losing down on a bit of paper instead of coins changing hands and Charley complained for ages afterwards that I still hadn’t paid him his winnings. I always lost!

Ma Love That’s what he called all the ladies

A dip in the sock All of you children and all the now grown up kids too, will remember Charley had an old sock that he put his change in. “No scooping”  he used to say. “Just a grab”.  The little fingers would reach in and clutch as much as possible.

Waving to an imaginary person Didn’t he just drive us all mad doing that?

Eating a bag of crisps before lunch

Having a nap in the chair before bedtime

Putting his cap on, rain or shine.

Coffee at Jerome’s in Bridlington.

Having a sneaky cig in the caravan when we were out.

Watching the racing on a Saturday afternoon and having 10p each on a horse in the next race.  I never won that either!

His love of chocolate and chocolate biscuits, not to mention wine.

And there are many more memories but last but not least:

His love for Dorothy


His love of family and friends


Dorothy’s brother took the service so it all had a really personal touch. There were many smiles remembering a grand old gentleman.