Hello Kitty cake, Evie 4

Seeing the great ‘Hello Kitty’ cake my Daughter Helen (@BakingAitch) has made for Evie’s fourth birthday tomorrow the 4th March reminded me of cakes I made for Helen and my Son Richard for their childhood birthdays.

At first I chose the theme and as they got older I usually asked the question “What cake do you want for your birthday this year?”

As Richard’s birthday is 20th October and Helen’s is 21st October, I always had to make two cakes at once. The cakes were obviously not of professional standard but at the time everyone loved them and I enjoyed making them.

These are some of the cakes I made.

Age 3

Teapot and hedgehog cake for a 3rd birthday


Yet another teapot and a car


Doll and dice cakes


Hat and Batman cakes


Tea party cake, complete with mini cake, cups and sandwiches

and cricket field cake.

I also found this photo of a cake I made for a friend’s baby’s Christening. All the trellis work and blue roses were made by me. I was very proud of this one!


…and this was the cake I made for my Mother in laws 80th birthday in 1988


Many years ago…..

H & R 1988


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