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Sealy’s Deeper Sleeper Panel (EviesGran part 6)

26 Nov

For the 6th and final sleep challenge for Sealy’s Deeper Sleeper Panel, I was sent a Saffron Drift Light.



Firstly I had to find a lamp with a light fitting which fitted a screw in light bulb as most in the house are the bayonet sort or the tiny halogen ones but when I remembered that I had a lamp with the correct connection I had fun playing and setting the bulb to turn off/dim etc.

This light bulb can be set to ‘Daylight mode ‘ by turning on in the normal way,

…or set to ‘Midnight mode ‘which dims the bulb after 37 minutes and then turns off, all  by flicking the on/off switch twice .

…or to set to ‘Moonlight mode’ and dim after 37 minutes to low, by flicking the switch on and off three times.

The bulb blinks when turned on to acknowledge what is required.


This is how I got on with it.

I left the light on in the Midnight mode and snuggled down in bed. Sleep overcame me and when I awoke the light was off. Very clever.

I set the bulb to Moonlight mode and the bulb gradually dimmed by small increments until there was just a gentle light in the bedroom.  I awoke when it was still dark and the lamp gave off a gentle glow which was a perfect night light.

The bulb is certainly a great idea for anyone wishing to read, fall asleep and not have to worry about putting out the light as this clever bulb turns itself off. I don’t read in bed but can see there would be relaxation benefits for anyone who does read and falls asleep with the book in hand and the light on who could relax and not worry about having to turn off the light.

The ‘Moonlight’ mode would certainly be great as a night light for children or for anyone not wanting total darkness for safety reasons so again the lightbulb would help to create a feeling of wellbeing and relaxation for the sleeping person in the room.

I believe that the key to enjoying a deeper sleep is to be totally relaxed and I have tried various means (by way of the Deeper Sleeper Challenges), of creating a feeling of wellbeing which in turn brings relaxation.

After taking up all the Challenges presented to me by Sealy, food, yoga, sprung pillow,  scents and insence sticks,  speaker pillow and then this final challenge of the Drift Light, I hope I go on sleeping well, and sleep deeply.

Long may it continue.