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The 2nd Sealy’s Deeper Sleeper Panel (EviesGran part 1)

28 Apr

April 2016.

I enjoyed receiving items to test last year, as part of the 1st Sealy’s Deeper Sleeper Panel and was extremely interested to see what other goodies would be arriving in the post in this the 2nd Sealy’s Deeper Sleeper Panel challenge.

This is the first sleep challenge to arrive:



It was a Sealy Select response clusterfill pillow.


The bag which housed this new pillow stated “Quilted luxury soft microfibe cover that naturally responds to your body temperature. Deep filled with DuPont Serica fibres (the smoothness of silk in a synthetic fibre) to provide comfort and support while you sleep. With a medium comfort rating, this pillow pair is perfect for front and back sleepers.”


The idea of this test is to sleep without this new ‘aid to sleep’ for 2 weeks and then try out the new item for the next 2 weeks to see if any improvement occurs in the sleep pattern.  I was already sleeping on a Sealy pillow which had been great, and although I had slept well on it, it was quite a firm pillow so it was wonderful to sink my head into this new and luxurious softness.

It’s great having the chance to try out all of these pillows and all have had their benefits but this response pillow was lovely to the touch and exceptionally comfortable to sleep on. I tend to sleep on my right side, sometimes turning onto my back and I love it.

The weather has been very cold during this test period so not only am I looking forward to warm weather but a chance to test its response to my body temperature. As it is I’m loving the cosiness of its softness which helped me settle down quickly on these chilly nights.

After 2 weeks of testing the new pillow,  I shall continue to use it as I believe it brought additional refreshment of body or mind.

Long may it continue.