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Black eyed bean and mushroom stew.

30 Aug

I buy far too much food.

I fancy things, buy them and then find them in my fridge a week later. Its worse at the moment than ever, as Helen has been on school holidays for the last 6 weeks and I have eaten with the family on more occasions than ever.

This week on Sunday lunchtime for instance, I was just about to eat up some salad which was on its last legs, when I got a text to say that newly made fresh bread and spinach soup were on offer for lunch. I already had been invited for roast Sunday dinner in the evening. Both meals were delicious but my food mountain continued to get closer to the ‘best before’ date.

I had opened a tin of chopped tomatoes a couple of days ago and taken a few spoonfuls out to make nachos. The rest of this was in the fridge. I had a small punnet of mushrooms too which were fine but wouldn’t be for much longer so this is what I did with them.

I chopped and fried the mushrooms on a high heat for 5 mins or so until they were browned. These I removed from the pan and reserved until later.

I then chopped a medium/large onion and fried until softened in a little olive oil, then added the chopped tinned tomatoes and simmered for 10 minutes until the onions were cooked through.

Next I added the reserved mushrooms, a tin of black eyed beans and half level teaspoon of chilli flakes to the onion tomato mixture. I also poured a few glugs of hot water out of the kettle to the mixture as the liquid had boiled away. I heated all this mixture until it was bubbling again at which point it was ready to eat.

It resulted in a very tasty stew.

I have a bowl left for tomorrow too.


This is the recipe

Small punnet of mushrooms

1 tin of chopped tomatoes

1 onion (medium/large)

Olive oil to fry the mushrooms and onions

400g tin of black eyed beans

half a level teaspoon of chilli flakes (or more or less to your taste)

Season with salt and black pepper (to your taste)