Groovebulb packaging ‘Upcycle challenge’

The challenge I undertook was to ‘Upcycle’ the cardboard packaging from this great energy efficient, mercury-free, LED Groovebulb.


I chose to have sent the ‘bright’ bulb which has a natural daylight effect but I could have just as easily chosen the ‘warm’ option which looked great too. Both options come in screw or bayonet fitting.




I love the white ‘daylight’ light from the lamp with the Groovebulb. At the moment the bulb is in this uplighter but I will move it to a work lamp where it will be ideal for crafting evenings.

I decided to crochet a sleeve and lid cover to ‘Upcycle’ my packaging and will use it to keep crochet hooks in, so I’ll always know where to find them.

Any small balls of leftover yarn can be used for this and I used a size 4.oo crochet hook.

I had previously crocheted some ‘Owl motif’ Granny Squares. You will find the free pattern for this on Ravelry in the free pattern section.



I added an extra row of trebles at the side of one square, so when joined they were big enough to cover the Groovebulb tube, and crocheted the two squares together with a double crochet stitch. I then added an extra row of trebles at the top and bottom of this tube sleeve. After sewing in all the loose ends, the tube sleeve cover was complete.



The lid was covered with a crocheted granny round

Granny squares, granny rounds and granny stripes are crocheted using clusters of (usually) 3 trebles, usually of different colours for each row.

Here is the Pattern for the lid cover.

Make a slip knot and Chain 5, join with ss in first ch to form a ring.

Round 1   Ch3,  15tr in ring, join with ss in rop of first ‘ch3’  If you are changing colour for each round, fasten off.

Round 2   attach new colour of yarn. Ch3, 2tr in same st as join.  *ch1 miss 1 stitch, 3 tr in next stitch*to end of round, ch1, miss last stitch, join with ss in top of first ‘ch3’. Fasten off yarn.

Round 3 attach new colour of yarn in any ch space, ‘ch3, 2 tr 1ch 3 tr’  in same stitch as join, *3tr 1ch 3tr*for the whole round. ss to top of first ‘3ch’

This was a similar size to the  base of  the Groovebulb container tube so no more ‘increase’ rows were necessary.


Round 4. attach new colour to any chain space. 3chain 1 treble in this space, continue with 2 trebles in each chain space to end and join with a ss to first 3chain

Contine with a further 3 rows of 3 trebles in each ch space from the previous row.




My ‘Upcycle challenge’ was complete.

I was sent the Groovebulb to try at no cost to me but all materials used to decorate this was bought at my own expense and I enjoyed the challenge.

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