My food & weight loss diary. Week 4

Wednesday 14th September

This is week 4 of my diet

Up to 14th September I have so far I have lost8½lbs.

5½lbs the first week, & 1½lbs  on both the second and third weeks.

Starting weight was 12st 8¾lbs and this morning I weighed in at 12st 0¼lbs

Wednesday 14th September

Bacon, egg and tinned tomatoes today for lunch. One of my favourite meals. Would have been improved by having toast with it but I am steering clear of bread, in fact I am steering clear of carbohydrates in general.

Home made steak burger with roasted vegetables for tea tonight. A really colourful mix and with the added chilli flakes was a really tasty meal.

I had had a banana for breakfast and during the evening I had crisps (French fries) and 2 cans of lager.

Thursday 15th September

Got a call from Rich asking if I would be in the vicinity of Nandos Jct 27 during the day as he wanted me to collect a film for developing (his new hobby is collecting old cameras which use film) so I made it in my way to pick it up for him and had lunch in the restaurant. I chose the cous cous salad. Richard’s comment was “This is the most fattening thing on the menu”. Realising it was the dressing with all the olive oil etc which made it so calorific, I asked for the dressing to be served separately and after a taste of it (very nice) didn’t put any on.

My tasty Nandos cous cous and chick pea salad.

I love the olives & piri piri chicken.

7pm Thursday evening was the time for the meeting of the Clandestine Cake Club. This time it was in Blend cafe/bistro in Cleckheaton. Its  a lovely venue owned and run by friends of mine Sue & Chris who made us very welcome. It was a lovely social occasion and I met up with many people I chat to on Twitter, some who I had met at other CCC meetings and new ones too. Lovely to see them all. What a nice bunch of people.

My cake was the Streusal Cake with a ‘Blend’ (name of the cafe) of apples and raspberries picked from my garden, bottom right hand corner of this 2nd picture. Not all the cakes had arrived when I took these photos but you get the idea of what I had to contend with, temptation wise!

I didn’t try all the cakes but I did manage a sliver of quite a few of them and didn’t take any cake home from the leftovers. This cakey feast was my evening meal but when I got home I was craving savoury flavours so had a Dairylea dunker and a lager!

Not my best dieting day of late but I enjoyed it all!

Friday 16th September

8am Got my diet head on again today, for how long I don’t know. Perhaps I’ll have a banana to start the day.

1.30pm Lunch is left over roasted veg, stir fried with bean sprouts and served with a home made burger.

5.30pm Jacket potato with almost fat-free cottage cheese for tea.  Then off to get ready to go out again. Twice in two nights. This time to Batley Town Hall to see Carlinghow Players perform 42nd Street.

11pm Great show! Feeling peckish now. Crisps and a handful of mixed nuts and sun flower seeds me thinks and not forgetting a cheeky lager!

Saturday 17th September

8.30am I have a fridge full of salad which has been neglected. I will probably inspect it later and see if its still fit to eat.

12 noon Eating a huge salad today with beetroot and bean sprouts and half a cold jacket potatobefore a trip to Meadowhall, Sheffield.

5.30 Decided to make some gingerbread teddy bears with my new acquisitions from Poundland Meadowhall, three lovely cutters for the princely sum on £1. I had the oven on to roast some vegetables for tea so it made sense to use the other shelf and bake these at the same time.

I will take most of them to the Mum n tots group when I go there with Evie on Monday morning but I did test some of the tiny bears and they were great.

I didn’t fancy the roasted veg when it was ready. Instead I had a handful of mixed nuts with a couple of glasses of Chardonnay Pinot Grigiot (no lager today).

Later in the evening I had some of the cold roast veg on a couple of crispbreads and I will zap the rest of the veg in the microwave at lunchtime on Sunday.

Consumed lots of the wrong things this week I know. Probably this is about the time in a diet when people give up so I think if my weight stays the same this week I will be quite happy.

Joining friends in their caravan in Bridlington on Tuesday evening and staying a few nights, so will be harder when I am not the preparer of my food to keep on track. Also the wine is usually flowing well. It will be a lovely social break but no good for the diet!

Sunday 18th September

Lunch was 2 Ryvitas with some of the left over roasted veg and then I went for coffee at Helen’s to ‘look at’ a beautiful sponge cake she had made. I was offered a piece but turned it down in favour of a glass of pink M&S wine with my dinner (at Helen’s) of roast lamb and lots of veg.

I had half a bottle of white wine sitting in my fridge so I finished it off on my return home and watched my recording of Xfactor!!

Monday 19th September

I shared a banana with Evie before going to Mums n tots where I was extremely good and turned down the usual slices of toast. I did eat 2 of the tiny gingerbread teddy bears though as I handed them round.

Salad again for lunch today with some slices of bread-crumbed ham followed by another gingerbread teddy.

Helen is coming for tea again tonight when she picks Evie up and I have fish on the menu. It is Pouting today. Never had any before but thought I would give it a try as it is a more sustainable variety than the usual Haddock or Cod. Lots of veg to prepare before she arrives.

Tuesday 20th September

Getting weighed a day early this week as I will be away from my bathroom scales in Bridlington in the morning. Fingers crossed that my weight has gone down and not up!

Here it is!  Only ¼lb lost.

Weight today 20th September      12st 0 lb

Weight loss this week.    ¼lb

Weight on Wednesday, 14th September  12st 1¾lbs

Since 24th August, total weight loss    8¾lb

I will return with another blog and report on any changes in my weight in a month but I am not expecting great things as I am going to Bridlington late afternoon where my friends will have lots of good food and wine to share with me and its my birthday in 2 weeks time which I will be celebrating (although I am certainly not happy about becoming yet another year older).

Eating sensibly and not much alcohol is the answer I know. Back to it after my mini holiday on the East Coast.

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