Easy to make paper snowflakes


You will need 6 squares of paper of equal size. I used A4 paper and folded the corner over to make a square and cut off the excess

Take the folded piece of paper and make eight cuts from the folded edge to the point leaving 1 to 2cms between the cutting lines.

Open out the paper. Starting at the centre, roll the centre diamond over and secure with strong double sided tape

Completely turn over the paper. Take the next diamond and roll the edges of the paper to form a tube shape and join up again.

Continue turning the paper and joining the diamond, turn over paper and join another, until all diamonds are joined.

These can be hung individually and twirl nicely with the movement of the air.

To make the snowflake, continue till you have made 6. Attach double sided tape to the top and centre points and join together

I used recycled old paper which has bar codes on. Any good quality paper will do.

The finished snowflake


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