Making an effort

I baked bread this morning! It must be 4 years at least since I used my bread machine. It was put away nicely, packed in polystyrene and stored away in its box on the top shelf of the wardrobe in the back bedroom.

I normally don’t have to rush to get up on a Friday as its not one of my days to have Evie (thats Monday and Tuesday) but as I live fairly close to a railway station, it’s quite handy for Richard, my son to park his car when he is going somewhere by train. This being the case this morning, I set my alarm for 7.15 so I was ready to give him a lift to catch his 8 am train.

Bathed dressed and ready for the day, Rich deposited at the station and a full day ahead of me.

I had had a day out yesterday. A bus to the station, a train to Leeds, a bus to Crown Point, looked round the shops, a bus back to Leeds City centre, a walk to Leeds station, a train to Huddersfield, a bus to Huddersfield Royal Infirmary and a hospital visit to a friend Charley. I then was given a lift home by Dot, Charley’s partner so I had no need to continue with my public transport marathon.With my bus pass the bus journeys were free and the train journeys were 50p each way (the bonus of being a pensioner)

Today I would do things at home. After dusting down the bread machine box, I washed the baking pan and the bread was being mixed and kneaded by 8.20am.

20 minutes before the bread should have been ready, I opened the door of the kitchen out into the garden and I think the change of temperature in the kitchen affected the temperature of the bread machine and made the loaf sink so I have taken the picture of the loaf from its better angle (upside down).

My neighbour has always had an allotment and when he had a few lettuce and cabbage plants left over, he planted them in an unused plot behind my garage. I have nurtured them, watered them diligently and watched them grow steadily and decided this morning that it was time to cut a lettuce for lunch. I also cut a big, dark green outer leaf from a cabbage leaving the cabbage growing to fill out further.

I put the cabbage leaf, a red onion and a large carrot roughly chopped into the food processor and pulverised it until it was all in tiny pieces and this was the result.

How could 1 cabbage leaf, a carrot and an onion make such a large amount!

I mixed a teaspoon of readymade English mustard with 3 large teaspoons of light mayonnaise and added about a third of the coleslaw mix to it for my lunch .

I had my home grown lettuce , a chopped tomato, added some chickpeas for another texture and with some lovely soft cheese to spread on my new wholemeal crust my lunch was complete.

I don’t always make an effort to make things like the coleslaw or  to bake bread. Sometimes when I am looking after Evie it’s because I don’t have time (playing with a 2 year old takes a lot of concentration) but mainly its because I take the easy option and have something quick and easy because I can’t be bothered.

Today I made an effort and am really glad I did.

My coleslaw recipe

1 large carrot

1 red onion

1 large dark green cabbage leaf

pulverise in a food processor.

Mustard mayo dressing to dress a third of the coleslaw mixture

1 level teaspoon English readymade mustard

3 heaped teaspoons of light mayo

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