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The 2nd Sealy’s Deeper Sleeper Panel (EviesGran part 3)

28 Jun

IMG_20160611_115007These great items, a colouring book for grownups, a box of classic colour pencils and a token to buy a book from Waterstones were sent for the next ‘Sealy Deeper Sleeper Challenge’ with the request to remove all technology (phones, tablets and laptops) from the bedroom in the hope this would help in achieving a Deeper Sleep.

The removal of technology from the bedroom wasn’t difficult in my case as I do not have a tv in the bedroom and do not use a tablet or laptop anywhere else but downstairs.  I was reluctant though to remove my mobile phone as I always use the alarm to wake me up at the required hour each morning. The phone had to stay firmly at the side of the bed for this purpose.

I am sure that crafting in all its forms are beneficial to relaxation and I looked through the colouring book and no doubt on some occasion in the future I will enjoy a relaxing time colouring in some of the outlines on the pages.

My relaxation crafts of choice for the two weeks of this challenge have been knitting, crocheting and decoupage (in my case adding pictures and words to wooden spoons and spatulas and decorating candles too)

As you can see by the amount of items I’ve produced, I am an addicted crafter.

Many of my friends do love to read and drop off to sleep after relaxing with a good book. Whilst I used to read as a child and teenager, I haven’t read many books over the last few years but I am never without a crochet hook and yarn or other similar items to keep me occupied. I will no doubt buy some crochet instruction book or similar with my book token.

I am sure that after colouring in a picture in the book or other crafts which are repetitive, (as in crochet or knitting) you are not given any time to think about worries of the day and so therefore these are beneficial to obtaining a Deeper Sleep as you are already in a relaxed state before bed.

Yes, this challenge worked.  I certainly slept well (and probably deeper) after relaxing with my craft of choice before bed.