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Yorkshire is so beautiful

2 Oct

Yorkshire is so beautiful.

Did you watch Le Grand Depart of Le Tour de France? I thought it was wonderful. Yorkshire certainly threw themselves into it wholeheartedly and took it to their hearts.

Those who got out to watch the race all said it was exciting  and the atmosphere was terrific. The pre-race entourage made the event last rather longer than the couple of minutes for the pack to pass by.  This is my son Richard’s photograph of the experience. He had the best of both worlds as a colleague lived along the route and this was taken from the party in the garden which ensued.IMG-20140706-WA0009

I saw rather more of it. I watched  it on tv. I loved the shots of areas familiar to me and arial views of York, Harrogate, Blubberhouse Moor, Skipton, Halifax Huddersfield and more and it  kept me glued to the television.

Yorkshire is so beautiful.

It was great to hear that Yorkshire Water has a ‘Blueprint for Yorkshire’   Did you get a leaflet about it through your letterbox? This is mine!

‘The Blueprint for Yorkshire’ involves working with landowners to capture water in the best way so they can deliver the highest quality water to our taps, taking care of the natural environment so we can explore and enjoy activities on Yorkshire Water land and investing to make Yorkshire’s beaches the best in Europe, cleaning water to the highest standard after it leaves our homes before returning it to the environment  in fact following a £56m investment in treatment sites, Richard Flint the C.E.O. of Yorkshire water has announced that there has been an 80% increase in renewable energy  (read about it here)

Evie enjoyed collecting shells on the beach recently near Bridlington and its great to find the beach so much cleaner than previously.