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‘Tis the season to be jolly’ Spen Valley group’s ‘Cake & Craft’ CCC meeting in Liversedge

15 Dec

Our lovely group of bakers and guests met on Saturday morning at Liversedge Parish Centre for our Christmas meeting

photo 5

This was a ‘Cake and Craft event and we all had a great time and enjoyed some wonderful cakes with the theme ‘Tis the season to be jolly’ and during the morning made some paper snowflakes and gift boxes.


Here I am in ‘Blue Peter’ demonstrating mode!

photo 4(2)photo 1photo 2
I was overjoyed when the bookings for this meetings reached 26 but  in the end there were 17 of us.

With Christmas coming along, some found themselves running out of time  and couldn’t fit us in and another lady was having her grand children over the weekend so her hands were full. Sadly another baker had received some bad news and so she and her guest didn’t attend.

Its worrying though  if not a rather annoying when there are ‘no shows’, especially when we hang around at the beginning of the meeting expecting others to arrive a few minutes late. So much better for the Organiser when members treat the meeting as if going to a friend’s house. Of course you would let a friend know why you couldn’t make it and its lovely when you let me know your excuses, so thank you to all who  let me know why they couldn’t come. Of course thanks too, to all who came and ate cake.

These are the great cakes we enjoyed.          photo 1(1) photo 1(2) photo 1(3)  photo 2(1) photo 2(2) photo 2(3) photo 3(1) photo 3(3)  Evie helped to decorate this Star cake. Can you tell?photo 4(1) photo 4(3) photo 5(1)  Kay's cake

Everyone busy, chatting, crafting and of course eating cake!





These are some of the gift box shapes we made during the morning


Here is Dawn with the paper snowflake she made  DSC_2886Click here for instructions of how to make the snowflake

The mini cakes which decorated the table are Helen’s entries for Renshaw Icing competition Helen's mini cakes Read about it here