Wheatsheaf Inn, Little Gomersal

This review is from 21st July 2011   …………and nothing stays the same!

The Wheatsheaf Inn is in a beautiful sleepy village,  Little Gomersal near Cleckheaton.  Little Gomersal is a little gem and on the three occasions I have eaten here at the Wheatsheaf, have really enjoyed my meal.

I almost forgot to take a picture of my plate of food and had already added veg and chunky chips when I remembered. I must have been so eager to eat my food.

On this occasion I ordered the Haddock & prawn mornay as did my two friends and our eyes opened wide as the plates were placed in front of us. The haddock fillet was swathed around a filling of prawns, on top of a mound of mashed potato. The whole thing being covered with a tasty cheese  Béchamel sauce.

We ordered side dishes of mixed market vegetables and chunky chips.  What the vegetables had to do with a market I don’t know and were the usual run of the mill veg but there was a great mix and variety, cauliflower, carrots, green beans, broccoli and pieces of new potatoes.  The hand cut chunky chips however were lovely.

Unfortunately I forgot to take photos last week when I ate at the Wheatsheaf. On that occasion I had the steak and mushroom pie. Slightly disappointingly the pie filling came in a dish with a piece of suet herb pastry placed on top.

I like my pie to look like a pie and for the pastry to be baked on top of the filling, but the whole thing was nevertheless  tasty.

When pastry is cooked with the pie filling in, the pastry is steamed from below and it is light and  fluffy. This pastry was rather heavy and solid. I only ate half of the pastry but that was mainly because I was so full. The steak and mushroom filling in the pie dish was beautiful and the food was presented well.  On this occasion I had the hand cut chunky chips which I really enjoyed.

On my 1st visit to the Wheatsheaf  which was in February, I had lamb shank and this was a good meal  too.

I shall eat here again soon.

One Response to “Wheatsheaf Inn, Little Gomersal”

  1. sugen November 19, 2012 at 9:16 pm #

    fab food and yummy staff worth a vist to this little pub .

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