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Review: The True Tea Club

4 May


When I was offered a  free subscription box from The True Tea Club I hadn’t looked into it too much and I must admit didn’t know what I would be getting or what type of tea to expect so when I opened the box and saw the unusually flavoured, exotically named teas, I wondered if I would like them as in the past when I have tried green tea or fruit teas, I really wasn’t impressed.

I read the instructions which give amounts to use, brewing times and temperature of water to use and followed them to the letter.

In the past I realise now, I have had the water too hot or brewed too long as some of the packets say to leave the leaves in the water for 10 to 20 secs.  (the list below which came in the box of teas must have the maximum times to brew!)

I truthfully was amazed to find that I liked all four of the teas sent to me!


Some of the teas contain pieces of fruit (Pineapple in the Tropical Sundance, Orange in the Orange Crush)

All of the tea is 100% natural, unprocessed and boasts a plethora of health properties and antioxidants.

In the letterbox sized subscription box with the 4 teas are some draw string tea bags which you can use but infusing the tea in a teapot and using a tea strainer is the usual way to brew, I would suggest.


Copied from The True Tea Club website ( This is what to expect:

“Every month, receive a tea subscription box which contains four loose leaf teas from around the world. 

We have a huge selection of loose tea available. With new and exciting teas and infusions for all tea lovers.

We have Black, Green and White teas, Oolong, Rooibos selections, Fruit Infusions and specialist teas.

Whether it be delicate and aromatic, rich and fruity, or light and refreshing, there’s something for everyone. 

With a library of over 200 loose teas, expect endless surprise flavours inside your subscription box

There are no long standing commitments.

You can simply cancel anytime.”

I suggest that for anyone cutting down on calories (that’s me!) drinking these teas would be a great treat to enjoy when not having chocolate or other such delights and I have found I have savoured the teas and loved the aromas which have invaded my kitchen.

Personally, whether I’d drink enough of the tea to use it all in a month is debatable, but for larger households, especially if you already like flavoured and unusual teas, a subscription would be perfect.