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Waste not, want not!

31 Dec

Months ago I bought a pack of peppered Pastrami. To my disappointment when I opened it, there was so much pepper in the packet it was almost inedible. I scraped as much pepper off it as I could and froze most of it only to find the pack yesterday, wondered what was in it and defrosted it.


I really didn’t fancy it with all that pepper on and so as not to waste it, under the tap it all went. Lots of the pepper washed off so but it still had a stong peppery taste. I needed to water down the peppery taste somehow.


I chopped and fried an onion till softened in a light spray of oil, (using the oil spray I received as a present for my birthday in October)

I added a tin of chopped tomatoes and a tin of rinsed, borlotti beans. There is lots of protein in these beans and slow release carbs which make you feel fuller longer than bread or potatoes (or so my Son Richard informs me)

The washed pastrami was patted dry with kitchen paper, chopped with scissors and added to the mixture.


The result thankfully was now edible.  The strong pepper taste was now more subtle and quite tasty!

DSC_1397Lots left over for another day too.

The Pastrami’s life had been saved to live again!

I hadn’t planned a walk!

30 Dec

I hadn’t planned on having a walk on a Sunday morning.

I’m not thrilled at the idea of exercise.

I hate it when my heart pounds in my chest and my throat burns when I gasp for air so going to the gym or going jogging is quite out of the question and console myself with the fact that I chase round after a three year old, Evie, on many days during the week and that gets me up and off the sofa from my favourite horizontal position.

I have on occasions walked to the post box at the bottom of the road so Evie could pop a letter in the box. On more occasions I’ve driven there! Well my hair might get blown about and that would never do!

Last night however, I drove to my daughter, Helen’s house (@BakingAitch on Twitter) and enjoyed pulled Pork in crusty rolls, Cranberry & Orange meringue pie and a few beers. The outcome of the few beers (well lager, actually) was that the car was left and I got a lift home from a non drinker.

The car needed retrieving! So this morning I walked to collect it!

So you are asking, How far did I walk? Erm… just over a mile! Not far for most people, but to me who walks only round the garden or a shopping precinct, it was a landmark occasion.

There were hills involved too I might add!

It took me 23mins and I set off in sunshine with blue sky and got there in spiky rain.

Why did I walk you may ask, when I could have waited and Helen would have picked me up to get it. It all boils down to my realisation that the few pounds I have put on over Christmas have added to the 10lbs I would have liked to lose before Christmas and they are not going anywhere fast!

I drove from picking up my car to the supermarket where I resisted all manner of highly fattening foods and bought carrots, salad items and weight watchers ready meals (for emergency quick food)

When I got home I proceeded to put together a salad and ate it with some healthy (good for me) oily salmon with peppercorns.

Sunday lunch

I’ve enjoyed it but know that this afternoon I will be looking longingly at the mince pies and Christmas cake and chocolate biscuits and chocolates and ………. so many things still left from Christmas goodies. I will resist the temptation!

I’m going to Helen’s for tea. Stew tonight, a lovely change from roasts, buffets etc. over the holidays.

Thats fine. I wont over eat.

When I put my mind to it and decide to diet I can do it.

Its all in the mind. Its a waste of money for me to go to Weight Watchers or Slimming World or the like. If I could get in the frame of mind to go to a WW or SW meeting then its the same dieting frame of mind which I have to do it myself. So why waste my money. I have all the books from previous occasions, I know what is fattening and what is healthy.

Although I am fine at keeping the calories low during the day time its after tea when my calorie intake is not in most diet plans.

If you see meals planned out for a days dieting, there are 3 main meals with perhaps a healthy snack morning and afternoon.

My problem is that my calorie intake after tea. Crisps, nuts, wine and lager! Hmph! Ok I’ll be cutting down, if not cutting out!

I plan to have days off. New Years Eve for instance I know there will be party nibbles so I’ll have salad during the day and allow myself ‘naughty food’ later.

We are also planning a trip to Pizza Express during the holidays and I’ll eat pizza.

I shall report back!