22nd August 2011 London Photos

On Sunday morning, Helen, Rod, Evie and I caught the train from Wakefield to London and by the way, quite amazingly, by booking the tickets in advance, managed to buy return tickets for £30 each.

We had scones and crisps on the train but were quite ready for lunch when we arrived in London so stopped off at the Pizza Express which was not far from King’s Cross.

I am mentioning this because Evie had such a lovely time making a pizza there.

We stayed in the Covent Garden area which is really handy for walking to lots of tourist destinations.  We didn’t go too far on Sunday but on Monday after having breakfast, set off in the direction of St Paul’s Cathedral.

We arrived at St Paul’s Cathedral and stepped in through the door so we could say we had been inside but as we hadn’t intended staying long decided against paying the £13.50 entrance fee.

Onwards then to the Tower of London. Stopping now and then for coffee and a rest.

Near the Tower of London and Tower bridge is in sight.

We walked miles……It was a lovely day for walking and eventually we came to the London Eye

and Westminster bridge

At this point it got busier than ever and I was too busy manoeuvring through the crowds and holding tight to my handbag, so that was the end of my photo taking for the afternoon.

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