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Clandestine Cake Club – Blend Cafe -Cleckheaton 25.2.2015

26 Mar

We  had a splendid cake club meeting on 25th February 2015 at Blend Cafe in Cleckheaton. There were 15 of us and we were made extremely welcome at this lovely venue by Chris and Sue our hosts and we are very grateful for their hospitality. This is the 4th time CCC have visited (1st time it was the Leeds group and the further 3 occasions with the Spen Valley group)

Here are some of the photos from the evening.

Kay Wells who is the new organiser for Huddersfield is also a member of the Spen Valley group and these are some of the photos she took during our meeting.

Clandestine Cake Club -Liversedge- ‘Anything Goes’ 13.12.2014

21 Mar

My write up of this event is long overdue!

Our Christmas party meeting on 13th December, 2014 was an extremely unusual meeting as we were given a ‘One time only’ dispensation to veer away from the Clandestine Cake Club rules of ‘Cake only’ (no muffins, cupcakes or brownies etc) to bake entirely whatever we wanted.

I can say that our group has never quibbled the ‘Cake only’ rule but nevertheless thought we would take advantage of this ‘One time only’ offer and our group produced fruit scones, sausage plait, sausage rolls, red velvet cakes, cheddar scones, stromboli buns and we also had falafel burgers, mini quiches and more… and yes CAKE too for our party lunch.

We also had the addition of sandwiches. OK we didn’t bake the bread but they were delicious, as was all the different baked items which we had on our tables.

What a great lunch and it finished off another fantastic year together.

Another year of excellent CCC meetings here in Spen Valley and ready for 2015.