My food & weight loss Week 3

Wednesday 7th September

This is week 3 of my diet

So far I have lost 7lbs.

5½lbs the first week and 1½lbs  the second week.

Starting weight was 12st 8¾lbs and this morning I weighed in at 12st 1¾lbs

It wasn’t a good start to the diet week today. My Mother-in-law’s sister Anne who is 82, came from Scarborough by train for the day, to shop, chat and eat with me which I enjoyed but as I am easily led astray was not good for the diet.

“What have you done to your hair?” my 82yr old Aunt asked “I don’t like it” I had grown out the blonde I’ve always been and gone grey. Anne hadn’t seen me for a while so the change was really noticeable to her. “You need to go blonde again!” My Mum who I lost in 1992, would have been 85 now, and I know she would have said the same thing. Thinking about it…

We started the day at Ikea for the 99p breakfast. It was lovely. The deep fried hash brown was lovely too and NOT at all diet friendly.

We shopped and at 2pm visited The Mill in Batley. Anne needed something to eat and ordered a splendid prawn sandwich which she decided was too big for her and asked if I would like half of it. Not being one to waste food, what was I to do?  Of course I ate it. Enjoyed it. Now I am counting the cost of eating it.

Bread which I love, is not on my diet!

At least at tea time I was home alone and threw together a great salad with ham. This was me on my best diet behaviour.

Now I have let myself go again. I am writing this eating a bag of crisps (French Fries) and drinking a can of Carling!

Probably time to go to bed and start off again in mean mode in the morning!

Thursday 8th September

9.00am Must think diet today.

Weetabix has gone down well and I have enjoyed my 2 early morning cups of coffee.

Now planning the day’s meals.

For one meal today, I must have oven roasted vegetables  and for the other I must have a salad as I have a very full fridge.

2:30pm  OK . Salad eaten for lunch with half of a small can of tuna.

     Photo of roasted vegetables ready to cook while a cake was in the oven.

Pitfall time. Made a cake and had to test it so have eaten a slice with a cup of coffee.  Oh dear! This was another test cake for 15th September to take to the Clandestine cake club. I had better take the rest of this cake for Helen and Rod and Evie to eat up.

5:30pm Jacket potato will go nicely with the roasted vegetables and fill me up for the day.

Monday 12th September

On Friday I ate my meals at home and had a reasonable good dieting day. I looked after Evie so Helen & Rod could have a day out and we had bacon, scrambled egg and tinned tomatoes for lunch. It was tasty and Evie enjoyed it too.

Although I gave Evie pizza for tea I did not have any and waited until I deposited Evie back home at 7 and ate jacket potato and roasted vegetables at 8pm.

Both Saturday and Sunday I ate my evening meal at Helen’s. Curry with rice on Saturday and roast pork and vegetables on Sunday but I had had my regulation salad for lunch on both days as I also have today, Monday. I did have a glass of lovely wine from M&S with my roast dinner. During the evening, I had my usual treats of lager and also had a bag of crisps (French fries again).

For tea tonight (Monday) I am cooking for Helen arriving from school at 5.30 and we are having smoked haddock and steamed green beans, carrots and brocolli with jacket potato and parsley sauce for Helen and Evie but I will have my fish and veg without the potato or sauce.

Tuesday 13th September

Another Ikea breakfast today. One reason is that its an ideal meeting place for my friend Kath and me to take our grandchildren also its cheap and the kids can then go in the play area for a while.  It whiles away the morning nicely. Its also just the right distance as we drive  home, for Evie to fall asleep as we travel and give me a break for an hour or so when we get back.

Another salad for tea today, this time with tuna.

I keep having a sneaky look at my weight on a morning and so far its not looking too good.  Fingers crossed for tomorrow’s ‘weigh in’.

Wednesday 14th September

Weight today         12st 0¼ lb                               Weight loss this week.    1½lbs

Weight on Wednesday, 7th September  12st 1¾lbs

Since 24th August, total weight loss    8½lb

It would have be great this week if  I could have gone down to 11st something but realise that because I have had lots of ‘treats’ its not surprising that I haven’t lost more than I have.

Hey ho! at least the weight has gone down and not up.

Tomorrow night I have a meeting of the Clandestine Cake Club to attend in Cleckheaton which I am looking forward to. Its lovely meeting old friends and new friends who have an interest in baking and eating cake. I like the cake but its the social gathering I really like. No doubt my diet will have to go to pot for the evening (no tea before I go) but after eating lots of lovely cake I will need to lower my intake of ‘evening treats’ for the coming week!

Slowly but surely the diet is working. Again, onward……    The only way is down!!

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