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Sealy’s Deeper Sleeper Panel (EviesGran part 4)

18 Sep


In previous sleep experiences I have already enjoyed foods and drinks which encourage a feeling of wellbeing, I have enjoyed the relaxation techniques brought about by Yoga and thirdly I was in receipt of a luxury Sealy pillow which I love so I was wondering what the Sealy team would come up with next for the fourth sleep experience.

These were the contents of the parcel:

IMG_20150828_143447_498                                                                                                 Incense sticks

IMG_20150828_143420_745                                                                                       A relaxation candle


An aromatherapy roller ball

IMG_20150828_143426_646                                                                Mohdoh mouldable aromatherapy


Perfume has never been big in my life. I rarely use it, unlike friends and relatives who always have a distinctive pretty smell. Another friend always has essential oils in an oil burner in the house when I visit. Nevertheless I decided to give it a try to see if using any of these perfumed remedies would help me have a deeper sleep.

I have never had any incense sticks in the house before and after reading the instructions which said ‘always place in an incense stick holder’ I had to make up my own contraption. I first tried to stick it in a ball of my grandchildren’s playdoh but that proved too soft and the incense stick slowly let gravity take its course and slid onto the plate. My second choice of sticking it in a chunk of blue tack on the dinner plate to catch the ash, held it in place very well.


On the sleeve of the packet of the lavender incense sticks it said ‘A perfumed Summer Breeze Kisses the sunny Sky’. What a pretty description.  I lit it, blew out the flame so the stick was smoking gently and soaked up the relaxing atmosphere. It was a lovely and quite delicate aroma.

The candle was a blend of geranium, orange, lavender and ylangylang essential oils again a very subtle and delicate scent. I enjoyed it.

The Tisserand Sweet Dreams aromatherapy roller ball was meant to be applied to the wrists, temples, nape of the neck and/or behind the ears and the Lavender, woody Sandalwood and Cedarwood with exotic essential oils and I tried all of these areas and found it a rather cool sensation and not unpleasant.

The Mohdoh mouldable aromatherapy,  maximizes 3 therapies all at once – Aromatherapy, Colour therapy and Play therapy. The pot of Mohdoh I received was Juniper, Lavender, Palmersosa and Geranium and was a new and unique experience to squeeze and mould the dough which released essential oils in a way unlike any other.


Not sure if it was the perfume or that it became a ritual but I enjoyed the experience and decided that relaxation gained through a regular ritual is a great way to start of a good night’ sleep. I found the ritual of lighting an incense stick or candle or applying the aromatherapy essential oils, or moulding the mohdoh were indeed a help to relaxing before bedtime, which in turn I believe, sent me off to sleep and helped maintain the deeper sleep I was seeking in this challenge.