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Roasted vegetables with cheese sauce (or cheese on top of the sauce)

26 Apr

The first time I bought an aubergine and as it happens it was the last time I bought an aubergine, was 3 or 4 yrs ago and it was an ingredient in some Christmas chutney I was making.

I happened to pop in Lidl the other day and saw beautiful aubergines for 50p each. I really didn’t know how much they usually are but thought it sounded like a bargain and never liking to miss a bargain, had to have one.

After mentioning on twitter I had this vegetable in my fridge and didn’t know what to do with it, I had various recipes offered to me but as I have been in my ‘comfy’ clothes all day whilst I steamed wall paper from the smallest bedroom walls, I didn’t intend having to make myself presentable to go out to buy lamb mince and various other ingredients these dishes would need.

In my veg cool box in the fridge I had some wilting bendy celery (two sticks), 6 cherry tomatoes, a leek and a green pepper and in the ‘under the sink’ cupboard I had onions, both white and red. I chopped them all , added the tomatoes whole, cut the aubergine in half added a few shakes of olive oil, half a teaspoon of chilli flakes and roasted in the oven for 50 minutes at 170°Fan oven/180° Electric oven.

If I had had carrots, mushrooms, red peppers and courgettes, I would have added these too. Perhaps next time I will go shopping specially!

When the roasting time was almost up, I made a white sauce.

I melted 1 ounce of butter in a pan, or I could have used low fat spread for less calories, add an ounce of plain flour and blended together with a wooden spoon. Whilst over a gentle heat I added  half pint of milk (mine was semi skimmed) while still whisking  and cooked for a minute at least to cook the flour and thicken the sauce.

If the sauce is too thick, add a drop more milk or water and cook and stir until the  consistency you like is reached. The cheese can be added at this stage and stirred until it melts into the sauce.

I prefer  to pour the sauce over the vegetables on the plate and then add grated cheese on top.

My meal was so tasty. I dont know if it was all the onions, the cheese or the chilli flakes but it was delicious.

I still had half of the roasted veg left, so they now are packed away in a freezer box with the remains of the white sauce on, so I can microwave it next week for a ready meal, and then add cheese to the top on my plate.