Store cupboard lunch (plus a carrot & an onion)


A medium onion

A large carrot

Tin of chopped plum tomatoes

Mixed herbs

Optional extras.. Tin of mixed beans

or Tin of Red beans & half tsp chilli powder

or half tin of corned beef

or  cooked sausages or choritzo


Chop an onion finely and fry gently in tablespoon of oil. Turn to low and cover to retain moisture. This way, by retaining the moisture less oil is used (for the health conscious.)

When the onion is soft, add a large grated carrot and a tin of chopped plum tomatoes. Also add a teaspoon of dried mixed herbs . If the mixture is too dry for your taste, add a little water and then if still too dry, add a little more.

I simmered this for 20 mins.  During this time I boiled some whole wheat pasta twirls and they were ready simultaneously.

For a vegetarian menu a tin of mixed beans could be added or a tin of red beans & half a teaspoon of chilli powder to make chilli beans & sauce.

But for myself this time, a few minutes before serving, I added half a tin of cubed corned beef . I did not stir so as not to break up the pieces but returned the lid to heat the mixture through. Of course the whole mixture could be stirred up to make a meaty sauce.

It was really easy and tasty and I have some left for lunch tomorrow too!

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