Don’t drag me down

There is so much doom and gloom around us in the world and each hour it presents itself to us on television, on the news.

Famine, bombs, murder, deaths of well known personalities and all the lies and deceit of the phone hacking scandal.

So much trouble and hate in the world.

I bury my head in the sand and change channels.

No need.

Find something light weight and mindless to watch on tv.

All the time you hear of people dying, out of the blue.

Someone’s loss and someone’s sadness.

I have had my share of personal loss and sadness.

I have moved on  so I can be selfish and say that I don’t need dragging down by everyone else’s tragedies.

Give me a good happy story for a change. Joyous occasions. Good will to all men.

Report on something joyous. Something to make me laugh and put a smile on my face. I need uplifting.

Let me be.

Don’t drag me down!

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