The 2nd Sealy’s Deeper Sleeper Panel (EviesGran part 5)

4 Sep

The 5th Challenge for the 2nd Sealy’s Deeper Sleeper panel had arrived when I returned from a few days away from home.

I opened the post from the Sealy team to find a ‘sportline 4202’ pedometer.

The idea of this challenge was to try to walk 10,000 steps a day  to see if by keeping active, a deeper sleep could be achieved. The pedometer was to keep a check on the steps.

Not the easiest packaging to get into!

I cut down the edge to preserve the packaging and still couldn’t access the item. Straight through the middle I decided to cut and then it dawned on me that there may be instructions somewhere inside. 

I did eventually get into it and rescued the instructions of how to set up the pedometer and on my first attempt, gave up on the programming of the, press mode, press set, press reset, concoction of instructions and perhaps  I would try again in due course.

The few days away from home that I mentioned above, was to visit Beamish museum which is near Durham. My husband and I had taken our children Helen and Richard there 25 years ago and Helen wanted to return to the place to show her children.

Although we are only a couple of hours drive away from Beamish from where we live in West Yorkshire, we decided to stay in a hotel which was only a few miles from the town so we could return again using our tickets which when purchased, can be used again and again for a year.

We knew there would be a lot to see and in the end we ended up visiting Beamish on every day of our three days in the North East.

I knew that Helen had an app on her phone which counted steps and the step count for our days walking about in Beamish were as follows:

Monday    8096

Tuesday   8895

Wednesday   8316

Being in a family room in a hotel we had to settle down to sleep at the same time as the children. On the Monday night, I achieved 9 hrs sleep of a good quality and some was deep sleep.

On the Tuesday night although the light went out at 9.30, I was still awake at midnight and woke at 4.40. I did manage to go back eventually and slept again until 7 ish. Not the best night’s sleep I have had.

Wednesday night I was back at home in my own bed. I was tired out with not only the activity but with the travelling too and I was asleep by 10.30. I did wake up once and then went back to sleep until 7.30. A great night’s sleep and a deep sleep too.

I think activity and becoming extra tired can make me sleep well although there are other things to be taken into consideration too, as the three nights mentioned above shows. Although I had walked a similar amount on the Tuesday, my mind was active and without a relaxed brain, sleeps eluded me so having lots of activity and just being extra tired, did not make me sleep well on the Tuesday.

Most days I do run up the stairs rather than walk up them and being an old lady only weeks away from being 70, I do feel I am lucky to still be as active as I am. In term time I look after my grandchildren on those days doing the school run, I walk further than on the days when I don’t look after them but it is very unlikely that I will walk 10,000 steps in one day, never mind every day.

Although it is quite interesting to see on a pedometer or perhaps a phone app step counter, just how many steps have been achieved, I know myself if I have been active or less active on a day to day basis and sometimes having a quiet day at home with less activity and more relaxation and therefore less stimulation of the brain works just as well for me in achieving a great night’s sleep and a deeper sleep than becoming excessively tired by having lots of exercise.















The 2nd Sealy’s Deeper Sleeper Panel (EviesGran part 4)

3 Aug

IMAG1540This is the 4th Challenge of the 2nd Sealy’s Deeper Sleeper Panel and I couldn’t wait to unpack the large parcel which arrived for it.

I had been asked earlier, which size duvet I would like for a forthcoming challenge so I knew in advance this time what to expect.

Although I have a double bed, I have always preferred to have a king size duvet so the duvet overhangs the sides of the bed, all my duvet covers are king size and a king size Sealy Select duvet arrived.


It always surprises me how they can squash such a voluminous duvet into such a relatively small space and on unpacking the bag, the duvet appeared to explode into the room. I would never be able to pack it back in there again!


My current duvet was  13 tog and much too warm to use on the hot nights of Summer. Yes, I know they are few and far between but we do have them occasionally. I have tried sleeping with a sheet over me but it doesn’t feel right. I prefer the weight of a duvet over me.

This Sealy duvet which arrived was 10.5 tog and perfect for me to use in the warmer weather and far more preferable than my Winter weight duvet.  It had arrived at the perfect time! The hot weather had arrived at last.


I’d forgotten how nice it was to have a new duvet. My old one was quite a few years old and flat. As this Sealy duvet tumbled out of the packaging I realised that I should have bought one earlier!

Through all the warm nights when I might have been tossing and turning trying to get to sleep, I fell alseep instantly.  I usually wake at some point in the night and I still did with this new Sealy duvet but I fell back to sleep again on most nights and I’m sure I slept better than with my old Winter duvet.

The Sealy website said the duvet was:

‘Filled With Luxury DuPont™ Serica® Fibres To Leave You Feeling Balanced For A Deeper Sleep@

This challenge had worked. I had certainly achieved a Deeper Sleep and long may it continue.

Now the weather is less warm, I have continued to nestle down under the newness of my Sealy voluminous duvet.  I love it!

My old duvet is destined for the bin!



The 2nd Sealy’s Deeper Sleeper Panel (EviesGran part 3)

28 Jun

IMG_20160611_115007These great items, a colouring book for grownups, a box of classic colour pencils and a token to buy a book from Waterstones were sent for the next ‘Sealy Deeper Sleeper Challenge’ with the request to remove all technology (phones, tablets and laptops) from the bedroom in the hope this would help in achieving a Deeper Sleep.

The removal of technology from the bedroom wasn’t difficult in my case as I do not have a tv in the bedroom and do not use a tablet or laptop anywhere else but downstairs.  I was reluctant though to remove my mobile phone as I always use the alarm to wake me up at the required hour each morning. The phone had to stay firmly at the side of the bed for this purpose.

I am sure that crafting in all its forms are beneficial to relaxation and I looked through the colouring book and no doubt on some occasion in the future I will enjoy a relaxing time colouring in some of the outlines on the pages.

My relaxation crafts of choice for the two weeks of this challenge have been knitting, crocheting and decoupage (in my case adding pictures and words to wooden spoons and spatulas and decorating candles too)

As you can see by the amount of items I’ve produced, I am an addicted crafter.

Many of my friends do love to read and drop off to sleep after relaxing with a good book. Whilst I used to read as a child and teenager, I haven’t read many books over the last few years but I am never without a crochet hook and yarn or other similar items to keep me occupied. I will no doubt buy some crochet instruction book or similar with my book token.

I am sure that after colouring in a picture in the book or other crafts which are repetitive, (as in crochet or knitting) you are not given any time to think about worries of the day and so therefore these are beneficial to obtaining a Deeper Sleep as you are already in a relaxed state before bed.

Yes, this challenge worked.  I certainly slept well (and probably deeper) after relaxing with my craft of choice before bed.

The 2nd Sealy’s Deeper Sleeper Panel (EviesGran part 2)

26 May

I was out when the postman tried to deliver a parcel to me and after collecting it from the post office I found the contents to be a set of foldable headphones and whilst I realised they would have been sent for the 2nd Challenge for me as a member of Sealy’s 2nd Deeper Sleeper panel, there was no covering letter enclosed.

headphones box

I really didn’t know how these headphones could be part of a sleep challenge but all was made clear when I reported that I had received the parcel and was told I should download an App of ‘White noise’

Aha! I see…

The idea of this sleep challenge is to try out listening to various sounds through the headphones for two weeks at bed time, to see if a deeper sleep could be achieved than from the two weeks previously without the headphones and white noise sounds.

I love the headphones which folded up into a smaller space

folded headphones


Many sounds were available, heavy rain, rain forest sounds, and of course the white noise…. to name but a few.

I particularly liked the heavy rain noise as it reminded me of the occasions when I have stayed in a caravan and when I’m tucked up inside my bed, all cosy, the sound of the rain hammering on the caravan roof is quite mesmerising.

The rainforest sounds also reminded me of a flight I had taken from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon in a light aircraft. On the return journey, to keep our minds off the turbulence, we were encouraged to listen to sounds on our headphones and these were of rainforest sounds and I enjoyed them.

I disliked the white noise sound and could not have found it relaxing at all. When my grandson was newly born, my daughter tried playing white noise to him to try to settle him. He didn’t like it either!

I did find some of the noises relaxing and certainly sleep comes more easily when I’m relaxed and so encouraged deeper sleep,  although I couldn’t fall asleep with the headphones on, they would be uncomfortable to say the least.

Whether I slept more deeply is hard to say but all I can say is that I went off to sleep quickly and I slept well.







CCC- Country Baskets, East Ardsley, Leeds- Floral delights-16.04.16

12 May

IMG_20160416_120209After presenting a craft workshop at Country Baskets a large florist/craft supply store in East Ardsley, Leeds, I enquired about holding a cake club meeting there and to my delight was given permission for us all to gather in the store and share our cakes.

Lynn Hill, CCC founder and her husband David joined us for the meeting and these were the lovely cakes we enjoyed

Here are some more photos from the morning





Jessica from Country Baskets had noticed the spoons I had decorated with decoupage with the CCC logo for the event and had commented that she had liked them so as a thank you I visited the store again and gave them some of their own.

Country Baskets' spoons

Clandestine Cake Club-Liversedge Parish Centre-Film & TV-19.03.16

12 May

Long overdue, here is my write up of our event Film & Tv in Liversedge Parish Centre.

I chose this theme as I had some books (leftovers from previous World Book Night) to give away, one being Casino Royale (film) and the other Prime Suspect (tv)

This was the smallest number of bakers since the Spen Valley group was formed. There were 6 bakers and 1 guest. This is just a statement not a complaint as we had a fantastic cosy meeting where we all sat around one table and could all join in the conversation.

At the meeting was Kay the organiser of Huddersfield group and her Mum Jean, Karen, a guest Anne, my joint organiser Helen and me. We also welcomed a new member Janet who said she had had a really good time and thanked us for making her so welcome.

These were the cakes we enjoyed.

The cakes looked lovely and tasted great too.

The 2nd Sealy’s Deeper Sleeper Panel (EviesGran part 1)

28 Apr

April 2016.

I enjoyed receiving items to test last year, as part of the 1st Sealy’s Deeper Sleeper Panel and was extremely interested to see what other goodies would be arriving in the post in this the 2nd Sealy’s Deeper Sleeper Panel challenge.

This is the first sleep challenge to arrive:



It was a Sealy Select response clusterfill pillow.


The bag which housed this new pillow stated “Quilted luxury soft microfibe cover that naturally responds to your body temperature. Deep filled with DuPont Serica fibres (the smoothness of silk in a synthetic fibre) to provide comfort and support while you sleep. With a medium comfort rating, this pillow pair is perfect for front and back sleepers.”


The idea of this test is to sleep without this new ‘aid to sleep’ for 2 weeks and then try out the new item for the next 2 weeks to see if any improvement occurs in the sleep pattern.  I was already sleeping on a Sealy pillow which had been great, and although I had slept well on it, it was quite a firm pillow so it was wonderful to sink my head into this new and luxurious softness.

It’s great having the chance to try out all of these pillows and all have had their benefits but this response pillow was lovely to the touch and exceptionally comfortable to sleep on. I tend to sleep on my right side, sometimes turning onto my back and I love it.

The weather has been very cold during this test period so not only am I looking forward to warm weather but a chance to test its response to my body temperature. As it is I’m loving the cosiness of its softness which helped me settle down quickly on these chilly nights.

After 2 weeks of testing the new pillow,  I shall continue to use it as I believe it brought additional refreshment of body or mind.

Long may it continue.