The 2nd Sealy’s Deeper Sleeper Panel (EviesGran part 6)

1 Nov

A really heavy parcel arrived for this the 6th part of the 2nd Sealy’s Deeper Sleeper Challenge and inside it was a

                                                                                              unlit lamp

This lamp was made of Himalayan crystal salt and when the lamp was plugged in and the electric turned on, it is believed that negatively charged ions are created and sent into the air. Positive ions tend to be overproduced and reduce blood and oxygen supply to the brain, resulting in irregular and disrupted sleep patterns.  Himalayan pink salt lamps are natural negative ion generators, so can help reverse these symptoms.

As I walked in the room where the lamp was lit, I somehow felt to breathe more easily. Was it my imagination or not? I really don’t know but perhaps the negative ions made me feel this way.


                                                                                           lit lamp

I already have one of these lamps in the house but had forgotten about it but when I felt this coolness in the air and the feeling of breathing in cool air, it brought back the memory that previously when I had switched on my older lamp, I had the same feeling of breathing deeper. It was a very relaxing feeling.


                                                                                      my old salt lamp

The idea of this challenge was to use the lamp for a minimum of an hour a day and notice it on the days when the lamp was used, if sleep was better than when not using the lamp.

I actually have been away on holiday to the east coast of England for some of the time of this challenge, so haven’t used the lamp every day. Whilst away I had lots of fresh air and excercise and sea air (and a glass or two of wine) so to say I was in a strange bed, I slept quite well there too.

I do think there are benefits to be had by using the lamp and introducing the negative ions into the atmosphere and the light which is a gentle glow through the salt crystal walls of the lamp, gives a relaxed feeling to the room and especially when I used it for the hour before bedtime I think  it did help me to settle and I have slept well while using the lamp.










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