Sealy’s Deeper Sleeper Panel (EviesGran part 3)

20 Jul



SealyI had needed a new pillow for ages as my current ones were getting flat and uncomfortable, so I was highly delighted when the 3rd Sealy Sleep experience was a Sealy Posturepedic Pocket Springback Pillow.

IMAG0421This is the advertising blurb about the Sealy Posturepedic Pocket Springback Pillow.

‘This remarkable pillow offers superb support, whilst helping to maintain the correct positioning of the spine. Pocket sprung pillows are flexible yet provide a good degree of firmness. This pillow is ideal for back sleepers, average frames and sitting up in bed. There are 28 tiny individual springs nestled in memory foam layers that aid air circulation’

Now this was the sleep experience I had been waiting for and I couldn’t wait to put it in a fresh clean pillowcase in a lovely fresh clean bed and try it out!


Now I had a problem with that at first!

I tried to put it in on of my regular pillowcases and after a struggle I got it in! It was as tight as a drum and the ‘give’ in it had no where to go!

Somewhere in my linen cupboard I remembered I had a larger set of pillowcases which I hadn’t used for ages and they had always been too big for my regular pillows….low and behold the pillowcase was big enough and I was all set.

At first the pillow seemed huge, being more than twice the height of my old pillows (which admittedly had been taller when new) and at first it did seem strange and so unlike anything I had been used to. I put my head on it which pressed the pillow down. I lifted up my head and the pillow resumed its original position. No more shaking up the pillows in the morning then!

It was indeed a magnificent pillow but the ‘proof was in the pudding’ and would I sleep well on it?

The answer was ‘Yes’ I did sleep well.  The strangeness of putting my head on the plumpest of plump pillows, dimmed after a few nights and now it seems very natural and enormously comfortable.

Yes , I slept…….and slept………and slept.

Certainly the comfort the pillow brings aids relaxation and encourages a deeper sleep and I love it!

I probably won’t be happy again with my old type of pillow and the whole family are extremely jealous and want one too!

Now have I room in my suitcase for it to go with me when I go on holiday?

IMAG0427Certainly the best ‘Sleep experience’ so far!





One Response to “Sealy’s Deeper Sleeper Panel (EviesGran part 3)”

  1. Marnie Banana July 21, 2015 at 8:10 am #

    Ooh that sounds good, I want one! 😀

    Laura Walker


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