Sealy’s Deeper Sleeper Panel (EviesGran part 2)

2 Jul


I’ve never been one for excercise and apart from looking after my grandchildren and tearing around after the little one aged 2, don’t often partake in over exertion so I chuckled when I received my second sleep experience from the Sealy team!

I looked up exertion and this is the definition,  Exertion is the use of physical or perceived energy. It normally connotes a strenuous or costly effort related to physical, muscular, philosophical actions and work. Exactly what I try not to do! Hence the chuckle!

These were the items I received:IMAG0362With these items I was all set to go!

I watched the dvd first and then I unrolled the mat and covered it with the long yoga towl, filled my water bottle and dutifully followed the instructions but only to my own capabilities which as a senior citizen was certainly limited. As a young girl I could never bend and touch my toes, only being able to reach to a yard above the ground, my back just wouldn’t move in that position and I certainly haven’t got any better with age. Also I occasionally have various twinges (sciatica and arthritis) so at this early stage I didn’t want to aggravate these conditions.

Yoga has been proven to de-stress and relax you, in turn aiding and improving sleep, helping to beat insomnia and encourage a deeper sleep and I am sure over a longer period of following the instructions on the dvd, my body will become more supple.

At this early stage, even before attempting any yoga excercises I  found the music and dialogue on the video quite restful so I’m sure they have played their part in aiding me to enjoy a deeper and more restful sleep and certainly worth continuing in the future.



One Response to “Sealy’s Deeper Sleeper Panel (EviesGran part 2)”

  1. pinklacedcupcake July 12, 2015 at 8:48 am #

    I used to love yoga but have since not been so in to it. I guess I find it boring rather than relaxing! I do love those items though, could do with some it for my exercise in general x

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