Clandestine Cake Club – Black Bull, Birstall

27 Jun


Our Clandestine Cake Club meeting on 14th May, 2015 was in the historic Old Court Room in the Black Bull in Birstall. I had been in this room a few times when attending the Spen Valley Sewing/Craft Bee every month and our cake club group were welcomed to use the room too for which were very grateful.

A smaller group attended this meeting, although we had nine cakes to enjoy, holidays and other things prevented some of our regular members attending but we welcomed a new member with her husband as guest and they enjoyed it so much resolved to join us for the next meeting too.


Lots of cake and lots of laughs during the evening.

Another member who was down to attend was bringing a gluten free cake so Helen baked a gluten free cake too so the lady had two cakes to sample during the evening. Unfortunately the member did not show up which is a worry. I urge you to let your organiser know if you can’t attend. The start of the meeting was delayed and then I wondered what the problem/illness was and its always good to hear (even at a later date) why the ‘no show’ occurred. I have had a member in the passed who later said, “I’m really sorry but I had a migraine so I couldn’t let you know.”  Understandable.


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