Sealy’s Deeper Sleeper Panel (EviesGran part 1)

31 May


There are the odd occasions where I don’t go off to sleep immediately, when for no reason that I can put my finger on, I stay awake for a few hours and no matter what I do, sleep eludes me. I turn from one side to another, then I lie on my back, I pick up my phone and check out facebook etc. and then try again.  Sometimes a couple of hours pass and I’m still not asleep and then there are times when although I sleep, I awake not feeling fully rested. Thankfully (touch wood) these occasions don’t happen too often.

Now that I’m retired, these occasions of not going off to sleep quickly do not worry me too much but it is always good to feel refreshed after a good nights sleep.

For all the years that I went to work it was very important to get a good night’s sleep but I can now have the odd nap after lunch (and often do) to catch up.

Of course on the two days a week when I am up early to look after my grandchildren and run them about in the car, sleep is necessary and very important.  It is on these occasions, knowing I need to be well rested and refreshed, that some natural remedy would be helpful and useful. It was with this in mind that when I was asked by Sealy (who manufacture mattresses and pillows) to be part of the ‘Deeper Sleeper Panel’ and I was very happy to work with them to bring you results of items I tested which would help me to enjoy a deeper and more restful sleep.

Firstly I was asked to take note of my sleeping patterns for two weeks so I could compare them with my sleep patterns after trying out the ‘sleep inducing’ products which were sent to me to try out,

I suppose I would be tempting fate if I said that I usually go to sleep as soon as my head touches the pillow and although I haven’t had trouble going off to sleep in this trial, I would love to awake feeling fully refreshed after an untroubled night

The items I received from Sealy  all of which are purported to aid restful sleep

a basket full of goodies

a basket full of goodies


So how did they fare…

On the first day I had cherry juice, Bach elm remedy drops, a few squares of dark chocolate and a selection of nuts and they were delicious.

The  ‘Cherry Active’ natural Montmorency cherry juice concentrate I added to a glass cold water and it was a pleasant drink and unlike regular squash not too sweet. Again I enjoyed it.

I added a couple of drops of the Bach Elm remedy to another drink during the day. The ingredients of this remedy is Grape alcohol and flower extract of Elm. Bach Elm is for those who are overwhelmed or burdened by responsibility and therefore gained its place in this ‘Deeper Sleeper’ trial.

I love nuts so I was really pleased that the Neal’s Yard Wholefoods Walnuts and Almonds were included in this basket of goodies.

The lovely gluten free, nut free OHSO chocolate came in individual wrapped portions which when opened had markings on the bars to break into tiny pieces and contained live Lactobacillus for a  daily boost of friendly bacteria and the Balance chocolate (no sugar added) was delicious. I savoured the dark chocolate, eating the squares slowly as I relaxed on the sofa. I limited myself to only a small portion daily and really enjoyed both chocolates.

At bedtime I had a cup of the ‘Sleep easy’ tea. To be quite honest normally I only drink regular English Breakfast tea and on the occasions when I have thought I should be healthy and tried Green Tea it has left me cold….. or rather it has made me shudder and I haven’t been able to finish a cup. This tea in contrast was really nice… yes I can say that… it was really nice.

Finishing the cup of ‘Sleep easy’ tea and being relaxed at bedtime certainly puts you in the right frame of mind to settle quickly and go of to sleep.  I did go off quickly and I can honestly say I didn’t move all night.

I sleep with a warm wheat bag at my feet and one over my back. When I woke up the bags were just where they were when I went to bed. I was surprised. So was it just a coincidence or was it all the ‘deeper sleeper’ goodies which were having the desired effect?   Strange but true.

Recently, I am enjoying avocado with lemon juice and chili flakes on crispbreads for breakfast and I decided to add a drizzle of the Hilltop honey.  It was delicious. It had a subtle sweetness which I loved.

The remaining items were the Zen tea which was an infusion of lemongrass, eucalyptus and ginkgo and the Nettle and peppermint tea which again were refreshing and I was pleasantly surprised how I enjoyed them both. Drinking a cup or two before bedtime is extremely relaxing.

I certainly slept better even after the first day of sampling these products as I hadn’t moved from getting into bed until waking up in the morning. Overall I believe that eating and drinking these wholesome ingredients can only be positively condusive to a new feeling of well being which in turn aids relaxation and promotes deep sleep and I certainly think I this is my formula to build on at the start of becoming a ‘deeper sleeper’.



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