Princess for a day.

21 May

To coincide with the ‘Fairy Tale day’ at the Light in Leeds  on 29th May, 2015, I was asked to capture Evie’s thoughts on video of what she would do if she was a Princess for a day and rule all the land.

I was sent a Vtec Kidzoom Twist Plus Camera to capture her thoughts. The camera is great for little chubby fingers to operate and as well as taking photos also takes videos and is capable of making animated clips.

Evie aged 6 and Isaac who is 2 think the camera is great and fought over who should use it and I had difficulty removing it from them to film the required footage!

100_0008I took this great picture of the children with this camera

and Isaac took these:


Evie got all dressed up in her Fairy Princess outfit I filmed her with the camera telling me how she wanted to give out money, have a celebration, go to Disneyland with her friends ….


and be a tooth fairy  so she could take the teeth at night and give out coins.

The Teeth she collected she would make into coins but the unsuitable teeth she would keep in a jar.

Evie also told me fairies live underground  so she might be a bit dirty if she lived underground !

You can view the video on     Youtube




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