CCC Liversedge- Craft and Crafty Cakes 15.11.14

26 Nov

We had a brilliant Cake and Craft meeting last Saturday morning.JpegI think our largest turnout of members in the past was 26. This time we had 28 cake eaters (18 cakes)  but 30 cake eaters if you include the 2 husbands who called to join their wives for the last part of the meeting.

During the morning Helen and I demonstrated how to make a quilted Christmas bauble and most people joined in and made one too.IMG-20141115-WA0005Each bauble required 220 pins, 40 squares of fabric, a polystyrene ball, a length of ribbon and a strip of material with edges ironed in for neatness. I had prepared these during the previous week in readiness! I believe I prepared approx 1120 squares, over 6000 pins,  28 strips of fabric, 28 lengths of ribbon and lots more…

The cakes were brilliant

Here we are deep in concentration eating cake, crafting and chatting. We had a great morning.

All our ‘Cake & craft’ meetings have been extremely popular so I hope to arrange another one for next year. (Thinking cap on as to what craft we can do next!)

Here I am handing out crafting materials and name badges with our newest (oldest!) member Jean, who has moved over from Bridlington

CCC 15.11.14 a(Bridlington CCC’s loss and our gain!)

Our next meeting is on 13th December, (our Christmas party) and we are having a perhaps ‘once in a lifetime’ chance to bake absolutely anything you want, hence the theme ‘Anything goes’…. but we still need cake!


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