Clandestine Cake Club visit ‘The Pie Shed’ – Theme ‘Surprise Inside’

14 Nov

Tomorrow is Spen Valley group’s next event and I realise I haven’t posted a write up of our last meeting.

Our theme when we visited ‘The Pie Shed’ was ‘Surprise inside’ and we had some great cakes.

The Pie Shed is a lovely cafe/bistro at 1, Green Lane, Dewsbury and we were made very welcome. All the cakes and pies are baked on the premises in the bakehouse and there is always a ‘pie of the day’.

Green Lane is the next road to Heald’s Road where Dewsbury Hospital is situated so if you are close it’s worth a visit.

These are the cakes which when cut open had all manner of surprises inside.



These were the surprises we found inside the cakes!

We had a lovely evening with so many cakes, too many to taste. It’s a good job we can take cake home!

We had another lovely ‘Surprise inside’ when one of our members Cathy, revealed to us her ‘surprise inside’. It was a great time to reveal to us that she is pregnant. All our good wishes go to her.



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