CCC Spen Valley, St Mary’s, Gomersal. The Great British… Cake eating gathering

23 Mar


It was a lovely sunny morning yesterday, Saturday, 22nd March, 2014 for our Clandestine Cake Club meeting at St. Mary the blessed Virgin Church, Gomersal, Cleckheaton, very chilly outside but inside the beautiful Church it was lovely and warm and welcoming. We used the room at the back of the church and the great facilities of the kitchen and it was not only the room that was warm.

There was a lovely warmth and great atmosphere in the room. Lots of our group are now regulars but we had new members too and there were 22 cake eaters  and 14 cakes at our lovely gathering

As a tribute to all things ‘Great British..’ which we find on our screens now, this was our Great British…. cake eating gathering!

We had a red white and blue tablecloth and bunting made by my co-organiser Helen to add to the festivities.

DSC_3175St Mary's b

These are the delicious cakes our bakers made. Lots of ‘Great British’ classics here:

Thanks to Karen, Kay and Helen who have provided some of the photos above.

Thanks to the Church for allowing us to visit.

Many thanks to all who made drinks, moved chairs, washed up and vacuumed up the crumbs!

Not much left…. only crumbs.


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