Nifty gadgets, nifty gifts!

10 Nov



DSC_2725I was asked by the Press team at   if I would like to review some gifts on their website and I chose a silicon cake mould which makes a lovely flower shaped cake which when cut into slices, creates beautiful heart shapes and an egg separator

This Pluck  egg separator is a nifty gadget.



After cracking the egg/eggs into a dish, squeeze the bulb gently over the yolk, release and the yolk is sucked into the device. DSC_2685 DSC_2689

Squeeze again in a separate dish to release the yolk. DSC_2697 DSC_2698

I washed the egg separator before use and the first time I used it, I let Evie who is 4, have a go with it.

He he he! Disaster. She squeezed too hard and the plastic nozzle dropped off onto the egg yolk and burst it.

When I used it, I had no such bother, it worked perfectly!

I loved the cake mould too.DSC_2674After washing I greased it and floured it and made my cake

DSC_2699 The cake came out easily….Here it is!


DSC_2725I shall use it often.

I was given these gifts but all views are my own


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