The tastiest of lunches

16 Aug

I’ve just had the tastiest of tasty lunches.


So tasty in fact that I’ve made it for the last 3 days!

Another reason for having it 3 times is that I used a tin of corned beef and used a third on each day.

I suppose left over vegetables could be used but I cooked fresh veg each day.


I microwaved 3 new potatoes and then cut them into quarters ( actually cooked all the potatoes I had left but only used three in this dish).


Boiled some of my home grown runner beans.


Chopped an onion and fried until soft and browned.

Added a handfull of cherry tomatoes and continued frying until they burst open.


I added a third of a tin of corned beef DSC_2422and also added the quartered new potatoes and runner beans

DSC_2424I stiirred everthing together over heat until the corned beef was softened and all the onion and corned beef coated the other ingredients.



Nothing tastier!




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