The Charcoal Challenge from

27 Jul

The Charcoal Challenge


I was really excited to be accepted to take part in the #CharcoalChallenge from  Money Supermarket. com      Wonderful!

The challenge was to host a barbecue for under £50 which would be given to me my

I asked my daughter Helen  if we could have the barbecue in their garden as the family already have a barbecue which we could use. Also when the children’s bed time arrives they can go to bed being in their own home and the party can continue.

Helen and Rod were happy to have us especially when I was providing the food and drink (courtesy of

All of our family birthdays are from October through to March and none are in summer so this was to be the ‘Summer birthday party’ that we have never had!

SAM_3026Birthday cake for everyone!

SAM_2987The bunting went up.

SAM_2989Evie’s special bunting

(All bunting was made by Helen)

The morning of the barbecue day arrived and ‘The Charcoal challenge’ looked as if it was going to be a challenge.  It was raining.

The rain did stop but the day remained cloudy and overcast and certainly not as warm as it had been.

When Rod attempted to light the charcoal, the charcoal presented a challenge and stubbornly refused to burn.

SAM_2997At one point we thought we would have to have an indoor barbecue and so we roasted the chicken portions in the oven.SAM_3000Rod’s perseverance paid off and the charcoal lit!

This is how I spent my £50

Pork fillet, sausages, burgers and chicken




SAM_2941Dips, olives and nibbles.

SAM_2990Helen made the  birthday cake and sour dough bread buns



Meat for barbecue, sausages, burgers, fillet pork pieces.   £11

Salad              £4

Beer             £10 ( from Morrisons)

Wine          3 bottles for £10 (from Asda)

Crisps, olives, mayo, marshmallows lemonade etc  £9

Helen made the sour dough bread rolls and cake and I gave her the change (£7) out of the £50 to cover these and other extra store cupboard items which were used.

Click on this link for  Helen’s recipe for the Sour Dough burger buns 

We had lots to eat and drink and lots of drinks left over for later!

Thank you for our fantastic afternoon.

As it was a ‘birthday party’ I gave the guests cheap and cheerful birthday presents too . These were not included in the £50 which I bought as little surprises for the guests by me.

I made a cushion cover for Greta and added cushion pad


I made a make up bag for Izzy and added a nail varnish

SAM_2944For Helen a chocolate orange and a nail varnish

SAM_2945For Evie a Mini sketch pad

SAM_2947For Richard I bought juggling balls

SAM_2948For Rod a book SAM_2949A fire engine book for Isaac SAM_2951

We played Pass the Parcel too and had prizes of sweets between the layers of wrapping. Evie loved it and of course won the ‘main prize’ in the middle!

Great company and great food.







SAM_3012I was given £50 by Moneysupermarket to spend as I wished hosting a barbecue, after which I had to blog about it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about it


2 Responses to “The Charcoal Challenge from”

  1. Margaret July 27, 2013 at 7:45 am #

    Well done Susan! Sounds like you all had a great party. I like the idea of the party gifts. 🙂

    • eviesgran July 27, 2013 at 7:54 am #

      Thank you Margaret. It was a lovely afternoon and evening

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