The Great Yorkshire Show 2013

11 Jul


I remember my early visits to The Great Yorkshire Show in Harrogate when I was 11, 12 or 13, over 50 years ago. Once I was with my Grandparents and once with my Dad. I disliked cheese as a baby and small child and it was here when I was 13, I was offered a sample of Caerphilly cheese and realised my tastes had changed, cheese was not too bad and I did like cheese after all!

Was the show held at that time on the Stray? I can’t remember travelling as far out of Harrogate as I did today and in recent years.

I next visited the show at this present showground 7 or 8 years ago with Helen and my late husband David, and then 4 years ago while Helen was on Maternity leave with baby Evie.

This year, Helen being again on Maternity leave was an opportune time to visit the show again and as in previous years we had a great day out.

Its a 3 day show Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We originally planned to attend on Tuesday but when we saw that the weather was to be 28degrees, we changed our minds and chose Wednesday for a cooler day.

Our journey to the show this morning was fine till we reached the turn off from the A61 to the show ground and then it took an hour and 10 minutes, being directed in a long and winding extra long route to reach a car park.

Once in the car park we  were ready for a  coffee and chocolate bun and Helen was a star and provided both for us,  before setting of on what turned out to be a mile trek to the show ground.


Thankfully the day wasn’t as hot as yesterday for both sitting in the car in traffic and the long walk into the Show.

We didn’t need a coat on and it didn’t rain. Perfect!

The crowds were huge! Everyone and their Grandmothers appeared to be there today. Probably because the Show was cancelled due the waterlogged ground last year, everyone had decided to visit this year.



We saw but a fraction of the attractions. We didn’t see the Army Assault course, Show Jumping, Cars, Tractors and if there was any craft competitions, we missed that too!

Its completely different going to the show with children. Negotiating the crowds with a pram and small children, is slower going than a couple of grown ups on their own.

Evie loved all the things specifically aimed at children, planting  sunflower seeds in the Asda tent, making things and playing games in an area promoting The Hepworth, Eureka museum, Yorvik centre etc.


And we all enjoyed looking at the prize winning animals

SAM_2912 SAM_2909




SAM_2908I particularly liked looking at the food hall, we were tempted into buying olives and cheese and I loved the arrangements of flowers and vegetables on display.





We took a picnic for lunch time although there were lots of places selling what looked like excellent food and somehow we luckily came across the Foster’s tent without a long queue,  just when we needed much needed refreshment.

SAM_2916We all enjoyed the sheep shearing demonstation and seeing the ‘dancing’ sheep.



It was a great day out. It’s a shame we can’t do it all again tomorrow to see all that we missed today!


2 Responses to “The Great Yorkshire Show 2013”

  1. nantucketdaffodil July 11, 2013 at 2:09 pm #

    What a fun time! It sure makes the fairs and festivals around here look boring!

    • eviesgran July 11, 2013 at 4:32 pm #

      Thanks nantucketdaffodil. There was certainly lots to do.

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