Ironing and me.

9 Jan

When my son Richard moved into his house in May 2010 he lost custody of a washer, as it was a rented property he had moved out of. Shortly after this, he knocked his iron off the ironing board and although it got hot, water leaked out of it.

I took pity on him and said that I would do his laundry until he bought a washer. Now it is January 2013 and still he has no washer. He has always found something else to spend his money on.  Funny that!

I don’t mind really but most of the ironing I now do is for Richard.

I can’t say I love ironing but I can truly say I don’t mind ironing.  I sometimes iron a shirt, read a tweet, iron a shirt, read a tweet…you get the picture and so it continues and the ironing passes quickly.

This morning I ironed 9 shirts in 35 minutes which was pretty good going even for me and  the 8 T shirts and all the rest of the ironing was completed within an hour.

Lots of people on twitter have commented about their hatred of ironing and I realised the thing you need to do to improve your ironing experience is to invest in a good iron.

Recently my daughter Helen needed a new iron quickly and whilst she would have liked to buy an iron similar to the one which had just broken, she couldn’t find one at the right price for her, so she chose one which cost about £30. I believe it was a Breville. There were so many things to complain of about this iron.

When filling it with water, it was in the upright position but the water level marker only showed the level when it was in the ironing position.

The iron had a steel plate at the bottom and stuck to something as Helen was ironing which was bad enough and she couldn’t get it off, but amazingly it came off on two of the next items she ironed,  Isaacs brand new baby gros.

When she was opening the iron to fill it will water the cover for the ‘fill’ opening, broke off.

The cable got in the way when in an upright position, and so the list went on.

My last few irons have been Tefal irons with  a teflon sole plate, so good for gliding over your ironing and mostly not making dark colours shine. Occasionally something may have stuck to the bottom, if perhaps I’d run out of steam or whatever but anything that did stick on came off easily. You can fill the iron and see the fill level at the same time and it has a cable in a position which doesn’t get in the way of standing it up or ironing.

As Christmas approached I searched online for a Tefal iron. Ones which were in electical retailers had them in for approx £43.

Miraculously I found just what I wanted on Amazon for £29.50

Now this is the best bit. I ordered the irons (one for Helen and one for Richard) on Sunday 23rd December, no delivery charge and on Monday 24th December, yes, on Christmas Eve, less than 24 hours after ordering, they were delivered.

I can report that the Breville iron is now in the bin and Helen whilst not happy about the all the ironing she has to do, is ironing with no complaints about the iron again.

Richard’s iron remains in the box!

What is your iron like? Is your iron making for a poor ironing experience?

Perhaps you should buy a new iron!

On the other hand you could always send it out and let your Mum do it for you.


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