My life of many diets!

8 Jan

When I got married in 1968 I bought a ‘going away suit’ from Richard Shops and it was a size 13. I know its not a size you see often but thats the size the label said it was.

15th Oct 1968

I think that was as slim as I’ve ever been since I was in my early teens.  I weighed somewhere in the region of 9st 10lbs and always during the early years of marriage, if I ever got up to 10st 7lbs, I dieted until I was under 10st again.

My diets in those days consisted of salads, eggs, and cheese. Yes you heard right, cheese.  Always with Ryvitas. I also cut out potatoes and bread.

I would have poached or boiled egg for breakfast with Ryvita, 2 or 3 Ryvitas for lunch with cheese, followed by an apple. Then the evening meal would be meat and vegetables without potatoes.

The diet worked (even eating copious amounts of cheese). As I didn’t let myself get too overweight before starting a diet, it was not long before I was back to my ‘fighting weight’ again.

I have always had a tendency to put on a few pounds and then diet….and repeat.

I came across this book the other day,’The inch war campaign’ which I’ve had for about 40 years and actually the cover picture doesn’t give its age away (may be mini shorts give its age away a bit!)Ryvita book - Copy

Its only when you look at some of the pictures inside just how long I must have had it (Look at the milk bottle)


So you can see I’ve been forever trying to find ways to lose weight.

I’ve been to both Slimmer’s World and Weight Watchers over the years and learnt that eating fat makes you fat so when I’m dieting I stick to fat free cottage cheese or Quark and if I use solid cheese its only a grater of cheese, over a salad to liven it up.

Its so easy to gain a half stone and then another half stone and then before you know it you have 2 stone to lose and its an unsurmountable mountain to climb.

I’m quite happy being a size 16 but sadly most of my clothes are now size 18. I have a lot of size 16’s in my wardrobe and I would have more choice of clothes without buying more if I got my act together and lost a stone (or so)

Whilst not being too rigid in my menus, I have opted for many healthy lower calorie meals lately.

Salads like this

Sunday lunch

Or I’ve prepared loads of vegetables

Veg ready for stew

and turned them into meat-less stews like this.

Stewed veg

I know I should be more strict with myself but there are so many temptations in the house it being just after Christmas.

There are so many chocolates left. I have two boxes of Celebrations, Thorntons chocolate, chocolate oranges, Roses chocolates but  honestly I’m not very tempted to eat these.

Its the savoury food that is calling to me. I’ve actually given away bags of crisps to my daughter’s house to get rid of some of them. I’m keeping the large bag of salted peanuts though, still thankfully unopened, athough for how long I don’t know.

My metabolism  doesn’t seem to burn colories off quickly and my body certainly has a tendency to lay down fat. Not being thrilled at exercising wont help me here at all though.

As it is for many people, losing a few pounds has been and is going to continue to be, a life long challenge.


One Response to “My life of many diets!”

  1. wifenotlodger January 8, 2013 at 6:51 pm #

    I feel your pain! I have recently lost weight and got to Target at SWorld but am still going to go, at least until I pass my’Target anniversary’ this is because I, like you, have a sluggish metabolism , have tried lots of diets and quite frankly love food, cooking and planning meals! I will always have to be thinking about making ‘good’ choices! Life Long Challenge…agreed I am in with you!

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