It’s part of who I am!

6 Jan

A rare occurence happened yesterday.

Even if I’m not going anywhere, I clean my teeth and I get washed and although I may stay in pyjamas till I eventually I do get washed, I always put clothes of some description on whether its staying in clothes, going out clothes or best clothes. I have to be really ill before I don’t do this and always, yes always, I make my hair presentable.

Yesterday, I didn’t do anything with my hair and I wasn’t ill.

Not a day goes by usually, without having to tame my hair.

From being about 11 years old, until the revelation of finding out about heated rollers about 20 years ago, I slept with rollers in every night.

My straight hair was not only straight but it took on the shape of every hat I wore, or every pillow I slept on.

A breath of wind and most of the endeavours of sleeping on spiky rollers was undone and any hint of moisture in the air, relaxed the soft curves,  put in so lovingly and rendered it lank! In the 60’s a headsquare was my friend. Before leaving the house to go to work on a morning, the headsquare went on. On the bus it came off. On again for the walk into work and then I felt it looked completely ok to start the day at work.

How I have always envied girls with curls. Not frizzly curls. Curvy curls.

I’ve had many perms in my time and many of those have ended up with hair more frizzly than I would have liked. I tended to either be blonde or have a perm as the combination of perming and lightening hair made for dry frizzly hair too.

Now I am neither permed or blonde and have given in to having grey hair but still the bed head hair is with me until the rollers have been plugged in, heated up and put in daily, if not twice daily if I’m going somewhere special on an evening!

Rollers have travelled abroad with me and I even have a set bought in Wall Green in Orlando with the correct voltage for USA use.

I get up on a morning, wash my hair, blow it dry, mousse on, hot rollers in, comb out and then hair spray.

On Saturday 5th January, a rare occurrence happened. The rollers were not plugged in. The rollers were not heated. The rollers stayed in the box.

I decided I was not going out and I really couldn’t be bothered.

Instead, I had to hide away inside so no neighbours could spot what a mess I was. I did actually scuttle out to the dustbin with the rubbish and scuttle back again to avoid shocking anyone.

I felt trapped in the house.

I need the comfort of knowing my hair is coiffured to the best of my ability. Its part of my make up. It makes me who I am.

It won’t happen again in a hurry!


This is a picture of my hair on my last visit to the hairdressers!


Since publishing this blog, my daughter Helen (@BakingAitch on twitter) has corrected me and says its more like 30yrs not 20 that I have been using heated rollers, after all 20yrs ago was only 1993! Shock horror at just how time gets away from me!


2 Responses to “It’s part of who I am!”

  1. Margaret January 6, 2013 at 12:45 pm #

    I’m just the same about my hair, but I don’t use heated rollers. I used to do years ago. Now I blow dry with a mousse on, then use a hot brush, then hairspray. Sounds like my hair is like yours, it flops easily, won’t hold it’s shape.

    • eviesgran January 6, 2013 at 1:33 pm #

      Oh its a nightmare Margaret isn’t it keeping up to it? Luckily Helen @BakingAitch didn’t take after me. She has lovely thick good natured hair like her Dad.

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