Illusive sleep.

4 Jan

I couldn’t sleep on Christmas Eve.

Usually after two or three cans of Carling, perhaps not quite as soon as my head touches the pillow but certainly within 5 or 10 minutes in bed I am dead to the world.

On Christmas Eve, I’d had pink sparkling fizz and more than a few cans, but sleep was illusive.

There were many factors involved.

There was the excitement of the past evening and the thought of the exciting day to come (Christmas day). I’d eaten food late in the evening. I was staying overnight at my daughter Helen’s house so I could see Evie’s wonder and excitement at finding that Santa had been on Christmas morning and I was in the new ‘spare bed’ in Isaac’s new bedroom.

I might add that Isaac wasn’t actually sleeping the room because I was there.

The new bed was extremely comfortable too, far more comfortable than the old bed it had replaced!

I couldn’t believe I was still awake and I kept switching on my phone to check what time it was.

I saw every hour ticking by.

Four o’clock arrived and I heard Rod (Evie’s Dad) get up to go to work. I heard him go downstairs, I heard him come back upstairs, I heard movement on the landing, I heard Rod go downstairs. The front door closed and Rod went to work.

Six o’clock arrived and shortly afterwards I went to sleep.

Amazingly although it was Christmas morning, Evie slept till 8.15. I’d told her the night before that I was staying and to come in to my room instead of waking Mummy and at 8.17 there she was at the side of my bed.

I had slept for about 2 hours.

Not sleeping was NOT a problem to me at all. Of course being retired makes all the difference. I’m quite relaxed about it.

If I’d been still at work and not retired as I am, if I had to be up and alert to drive to work and then to work an 8 hour day it would have made all the difference.

When you know you have to be up for work and you are still not asleep after hours in bed, then its a trouble to you and of course you can be a danger to all around you. Not sleeping does not make for safe driving! Not sleeping is not good for temper or beauty.

Being relaxed about not sleeping surely helps sleep arrive on the following night. Not worrying about lack of sleep makes all the difference.

I stayed again on Christmas day night and went to sleep quickly and  I slept all night.


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