1 Jan

How many smokers have made a new year’s resolution and have chosen new years day to stop smoking only to buy a packet of fags before the first weekend.

How many people have made a new year’s resolution to excercise and will pay membership fees at the gym this week, only to waste it all and stop going after a few weeks?

How many people similarly will join Weight Watchers or Slimmer’s World and give up after a fortnight?

New year resolutions are made to be broken. New year resolutions often don’t last till February!

Making a new year’s resolution and breaking it  brings about feelings of guilt which is never any good.

Ok, I need to excercise more. I need to lose weight. I need to de clutter my house. I need to sort out having my driveway repaired. I’ve needed to organise having a new bathroom fitted for years.

If I do it, then fine.

If these things don’t get done then fine.

I’m not making any new year resolutions. Not carrying them through means ‘failure’. Why make resolutions only to feel a failure? Not me!

I shall continue just getting on with life.

I shall enjoy meeting new people and continue to enjoy the company of people I already know.

Sometimes I will make things happen and sometimes things will just happen and I will grasp the moment.

Resolutions will not make me a better person.

I realise I am comfortable in my own skin.

I like who I am.


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